Future reflections

I wonder what will come of all of these people who proclaim to have “woken up?”  Although the masses are generally considered to be “asleep” or lost in the illusion(s) of “democracy” or whatever other word might be superimposed, it seems as though there is a fairly small distinct, independent sect, if you will, of people who have claimed, at least, to have figured IT out – by it I mean how the world “works” as far as secular understanding may go so basically socially, politically and economically.  I just wonder what the significance will be, I hold hope for the future but I am not satisfied with that alone.  I think we need change, and need it NOW – not in ten years or longer but TO-DAY!  I am not completely nuts as I realize “the odds” are against this happening today.  I doubt a worldwide revolution for good will occur tonight, but if not tonight then when?  Why postpone the most important and even necessary event in all of human history?

I do not understand what everybody is waiting for – or hoping for – because if it is not happening now, in the present, as far as I am concerned, it is not happening at all!

Now, take this into political consideration where most everything takes eons to happen – unless of course it is to benefit the military-industrial complex, then it happens instantly – yet the populous is seemingly okay with this.  After all, if the masses were dissatisfied, you would THINK they might do something about it.  Also, one would imagine people would not wait until they have lost almost everything they have to demand change (EU austerity protests?).

The problem seems to be the separation between people thinking something is wrong and acting upon that impulse.  Why the disconnect?

Just some things to think about…



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