Is doing a mere distraction from BEING?

Is doing merely a distraction from Being?

I think this is a very serious question that needs to be asked, by every human being, and contemplated.  Let me give some context to hopefully better explain my question here:

Instead of always “doing” something, especially in the external sense where you are concentrating outward of your Self.  Of course the general response is because “I have to,” which is somewhat true to a degree – you must eat and so on and so forth.  But why are “we” so conditioned to be thinking outside of our Selves?  There is always an “Us versus Them” sort of mentality, or duality if you will.  Society is something  “out there,” and therefore I tell myself I am not responsible for the pollution, the poverty, the wars, and so on.  But what if humans, on an individual basis, realized each and every one of us is to be held accountable for society’s woes?  After all, “we” make up society, every human is a member of humanity, yet there is this generalized notion that cleaning up the world’s messes is up to someone else.

And this someone else might be the State, but the State is made up of humans just like us whom are, in some cases, elected, but at any rate, allowed to “rule” over “us” (the masses).  So what I am getting at is that everyone needs to wake up to the fact that all humans need to wake up to realize that they are just as responsible as the next guy (or girl) for the atrocities.  Now, this may seem absurd since most of “us” have never ordered a drone strike or imposed economic sanctions on an entire nation.  However, at the least, everybody is at least indirectly responsible.

This brings me to the point of the innocent versus guilty bystander.  I do not think we can continue on considering ourselves as simply innocent bystanders.  We are ALL guilty.  And honestly, arguing over who is possibly more or less guilty is foolish.  For in the meantime, the killing will go on, and the environment will continue to be ruined, and so forth and so on.  Plus I am unsure about the idea or concept of “justice” where “freedoms” or “rights” may be whisked away from one human being by another simply because they broke some sort of law.  I mean, sure, one ought to be held accountable for harming another, and my thoughts on justice are rambled at best at the moment, so I do not intend to dwell on it here.

Everyone needs to realize they are part of humanity, or even Humanity, the World, themselves.  Without responsibility nothing will change.  And many people I know say they want change.




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