2013: A Personal Odyssey

I thought 2012 would be “my year,” but, well, basically that did not happen.  New Years is kinda silly, but I guess it offers some sort of excuse to make “resolutions” although this, for me, is much more than that.  I need not keep putting this off, and now that I am in break between transferring schools (i.e. I graduated from my local community college and I am not transferring right away for Spring, but rather for Fall 2013), I have no “good excuse” not to help myself out here.  Hence tomorrow will be the day I call to make The Appointment – which is capitalized for a reason.  As I have just said, I really thought 2012 was going to be my year.  Actually, I have a note from a nice friend of mine who wrote “2012 – your year” or something like that and signed it, which hangs right on my door.  Although I might need to edit the last 2 to a 3, the message remains the same.  You see, last year, roughly around this time, I was in a sort of bad place, mentally speaking, and in other regards as well.  However, I came across a book, a wonderful book that gave me some hope for the first time in a long time.  If I recall correctly, I had attempted to ween off of all my medications but to make a long story concise, it was not successful.  This was, to put it nicely, a real bummer.

To fast forward a year, I am closer than ever to my goal, which is really much more than just a goal, but I am unsure of what better word to use at the moment.  So yes, my goal is, in some ways, one phone call away – and that phone call I will make tomorrow.  I am actually not sure why I am even bothering to post this, but maybe this will just be an attempt to get me back into the writing groove.  A little something is better than nothing right?




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