Soap in my coffee?

Not faulting the baristas, but my taste buds are telling me there is a hint of soap left in my coffee…mhmm!  (Don’t ask why I am drinking coffee at 9pm on a Thursday night, because I doubt I will be able to come up with much of a satisfying answer).

Now, onto the whole writing thing, it feels like its been awhile, probably because it has so I guess I cannot promise this will be my most amazing pieces, but I really need to get back into the “writing groove” so to speak.  I want writing to be a daily practice, just like brushing my teeth, so much so that I do not even need really think too much about “doing it” but rather it comes naturally.  This is not to say I desire a certain time and place wherein I always write – because in all honesty, I do not like having a formally structured set schedule.  I prefer to go with the flow.  Thus, I want my writing to become part of my natural flow, again, after a month of inconsistencies, albeit good reasons.  Yes, I am determined to make a return to the blogosphere as a as-close-to-daily writer as possible.  In other words, despite not making a schedule, I want to find myself typing for period of time as close to daily as I desire, which is to say, on a daily basis my “mood” or whatever will largely determine if I will publish a post or not.  That being said, I do typically check WordPress daily if not to post something, at least to browse other’s work and perhaps make a comment or maybe even a few.

Okay, so to anyone wondering if I threw in the towel I have not!  I am still around, and will be back posting regularly no later than the start to the new year.  Yes, that sounds good!

For now, I will attempt to finish my soapy tasting coffee – delish!!

(And maybe I will even write something)

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays, and that all is well!

Until next time,



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