Is change possible?

Is fundamental change possible?  I mean, this will inevitably get into the question or problem of Free Will, but that is not the original intent of this piece.  Rather I am acknowledging this inevitability up front.  So the context here is that of the State, in my case, my country of both origin and residence, the United States of America.  Although I am “American” by birth, citizenship and so on, I would not hail this  over anyone.  But anyway, my question here is not so much in regard to personal change, and not even so much a question of the very possibility of change occurring, but I suppose more of the likelihood of such a drastic change occurring in America, for example.

In my mind, fundamental change is required if we humans do not want to become close to if not completely extinct.  Yes, the current state of affairs, think environment for instance, does not bode well for the future of humanity let alone the Earth.  Then there is the economy which is essentially a man made problem.  I say this because I do not think economics is a natural habit, for nowhere else in nature does another species have an economy.  Yes, humans are a different species, I do not dispute that, but money, contrary to popular belief it seems, is not necessary for survival.  I think citizens of industrialized nations tend to forget this fact.  Now, the goods one may procure view money, such as clothing, food, water and shelter, are necessary for survival.  What I am saying is that the money is an unnecessary added factor that, to be frank, really screws things up.

It has been said, and truthfully so, that humans are the only species that has to pay to live on Earth.  But who are we paying?  None but ourselves!  Of course, the vast majority of capital does not end up in the hands of the masses, but rather “The Elite” so to speak.  But why is that?!?!

Honestly, I am calling into question the power structures that have been in existence for centuries because I find them to be absolutely ludicrous!  Why on EARTH (pun intended) should we, everyday humans, PAY to EXIST?!?!

Is this notion not absurd?!

To be continued…



6 thoughts on “Is change possible?”

  1. Paul,

    Very good point.
    Indeed, most people think so,
    but do we need to pay in order to exist?…
    Utterly speaking, what is the act of paying about…?
    Who is paying who…and for what?
    And again…- WHY?…

    Is our breath expensive…?
    What about our Being…?

    Water in the desert is surely expensive.
    For the drowning man, water has no longer
    such a high price…or does it?
    Or maybe we can both drown and pay….

    All my best wishes for the New Coming Year!


    1. JULIEN ~ so nice to hear from you! I just find this so troubling, and yes you are right in asking these questions which I have asked myself (and others).

      I will quote Raj Patel in saying:

      “People know the cost of everything, but the VALUE of nothing.”

      What do you think?

      Well wishes for the New Year!!



      1. Was Raj Patel – whoever that is – or Oscar WIilde who said this?

        Again, how do we value our breath, or a sip of water when really thirsty?
        How much does this moment cost…? Are these words of mine “expensive” or “cheap”?…
        What price shall we put on this very dialogue?

        How can people ever know the value of anything if they never allow themselves to really live…and do anything which really counts?…

        Value derives from motivation, and motivation is Being Alive.

        Let´s celebrate this Alive-ness!


      2. Ohh whoops, I think you are right – Oscar Wilde said this but Raj Patel quotes this from him frequently.

        I will check out the links you just provided now, but yes, let us celebrate this Alive-ness!!



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