A note on my recent absence

I am, or rather, just finished earning my AA degree and one word can sum up why I have not posted in what seems like an eternity.  FINALS!  By finals, I am including all the madness of final projects, papers and exams which all equates to a lot of work especially in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.


Yes, I am alive and…fulfilled all requirements for my Liberal Arts Associates Degree!

Which also means I am able to resume my presence on the wonderful blogosphere otherwise known as WordPress!

Daily post(s) for the next six months is essentially what I am striving for, although I am reluctant to promise a daily contribution because, well, I am a man of my word and life happens, but to be quite honest, I just do not want to have many commitments as I take a semester off (to work, apply/visit transfer schools, and become fully human again).

In short, I was very busy, now I am back, and expect frequent posts, hopefully as close to daily as possible!




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