‘The Power of Now’ (Eckhart Tolle) Experience


There are lots of similarities to the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti although no direct references in the book have been made. I need to meditate on all this – definitely a powerful book. Life changing? We shall see!
We men have never sought our true Selves!!! Fucking –A Nietszhe meet Tolle!!! I am having a “its all starting to make sense now” moments in which my perspective on the world, on life is changing or rather as I write this has changed. This is quite peculiar. Forget spell check ignore backspace I just need to write – I can always edit later. This is not easy adfs;fij. My world has changed from reading the power of now. I don’t like the titele though I think it takes away from the essence of the book. But thwoef edh how could one make the essnce any better or more powerful with another title. A title is a label and this intrinsically takes away from the essense of the work.
So here I am in startbucks of Branchburg realizing the power of now – well, sort of. I am mre so feeling it. I don’t know how to quite explain it, and after watching omse of the interview neither does tolle himself, at leaest not completely with total preciseness and accuracy. Atadfjag perhaps no spiritual teacher has ever been able to explain the inexplicable change that has just taken place at the very core of my Being. wow such strong statements. I hope they are true. They are true. Fucking egotistic second guessing.
I feel so very pure right now. I feel a sense of Godliness. I AM GOD! I can say that without feeling too strange about it! That is a very good sign.
Ummmm, okay. What is hapennig?
Despite my hunger, due to lack of food and only a cup of coffee and waffles consumed thus far ono the day my concenrtion is tempted toturn elsewhrer…likely mey stomcach. But focus is still not terribly good. I feel pretty good. I am present? Yeah I am so. I must be. I am.
This is interesting!
I am having some type of experience, spiritually which is to say wholly, or holy, however you want to put it. I am psoting this on my blog….now!
Please excuse the typos!


11 thoughts on “‘The Power of Now’ (Eckhart Tolle) Experience”

  1. Ummmm, interesting – you know when The Beatles a-likened themselves to God it was The beginning of THEIR end!!! Hehe, JOKE, that wasn’t the case!!! What is happening to you Paul, is this a new you ?? I don’t quite understand, but maybe you do need some food and leave the coffee cup down upon the table – NO MORE COFFEEEEEE!

    Big hugs,
    Bex 🙂


    1. Well I’m not “famous” yet so I don’t really have to worry about a downfall! haha. I just posted this because I thought it was interesting – I was resonating with the words I was reading and wrote this as a sort of stream of consciousness type post – which is obviously different from what I usually write about.

      WHY IS EVERYONE HATING ON MY COFFEE HABITS?!?! haha – im not addicted i just drink coffee everyday, c’mon guys! haha.

      I look forward to reading about your adventure in Rome!




      1. Yeah, I see what happened – it was your mind taking over without edit. I like it! No, there won’t be a downfall; John Lennon got over that comment!!!
        Haha, definitely NO hating as I love coffee too!!! I just know it can sometimes create a little ‘unusualness’, well, I get that sometimes when I over-indulge!
        Yes, I am working on a post, but lacking motivation on it 😦
        I have other things buzzing around my mind that I want to talk about, I wonder if I can get them all done today!

        Take care,
        Bex 🙂


      2. Just write whatever you are motivated to write about in the moment? Save the rest for another time maybe? Just an idea.

        I look forward to reading whatever you do write though!




      3. I am, and it is not all flowers and romance! Rome is OK, but it wasn’t my favourite city, which is a shame, but the truth.
        I couldn’t connect with the place, don’t know why!

        Thanks, it shall be ready tomorrow as I have had a day of interruptions today!!!!

        Big hugs,
        Bex 🙂


  2. Maybe I should read that again. Could be that I didn’t quite get the “application to reality” bit, the pain-body concept (I read A New Earth first). Or I just totally forgot all about it and quickly got back to my pain/sadness addiction. Thanks for mentioning Krishnamurti.


    1. Thanks for commenting! There are some good Tolle videos to watch for free on Youtube if you want to check them out. I have watched a couple hour plus ones and have enjoyed them (at least one anyway). And I LOVE KRISHNAMURTI!!! I find him to be absolutely brilliant, almost if not every word of his rings with truth!!



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