First off, sorry to any readers for the lack of posts recently.  However, I have in mind a few ideas for some “big” posts.  This of course would require a bit of work on my end, but I think the end result would be well worth it.  That being said, I have decided to make a sort of “brainstorming” post where I will throw out some thoughts on what I am thinking as far as the blog is concerned, and also to get a sense of what people are more interested in reading, although I truly write for myself more than anything else I do value other’s interests of course, too.  Thus, comments would be greatly appreciated!!

Please just bear with me here for I might be rambling a bit here and there, and/or jumping around a bit so this may not be the most coherent of all posts, but I am just going to try to write out what I can sitting here in Starbucks this afternoon.

1).  I am very interested in writing a series on my experiences with depression and mental health, psychiatry and so on.  All of the above has constituted a huge part of my life, and so much so that I one day will write a book on it – yes writing AT LEAST one book is part of my “bucket list.”  I am thinking I will combine my personal experience with the research I have done to really try and send a message.  I have developed some pretty strong, well backed opinions on these things, and to be quite frank, much of them go against the grain so to speak. Granted mental health is a gigantic topic, and I am but a 22 year old college student – by no means a “expert” as far as qualifications go – I know I have a lot to offer in this field as farm as sharing my story and experiences along with my ideas based both off of personal experience and extensive research.  Furthermore, this series could be part of the basis of my eventual book!

2).  I want to resume some more political writing, as I did  when I first started the blog.  I make an effort to follow the real news, and so what I write may be different then the mainstream media but is more accurate and will get people thinking (hopefully).  If nothing else, I want to continue to write about my views on the world, politically or otherwise, since I all too often get frustrated with things and desire an outlet of sorts.

3).  PHILOSOPHY!  I love philosophy so I want to write more about what thoughts arise, interesting topics and compelling quotes, etc.

4).  BOOKS – I am always reading at least one book – in addition to my college reading – at a time, and am always open to recommendations and views on certain works, etc.

5).  As mentioned before – QUOTES – I ought to share more of the greater ones that I come across; hence my quotes page!

This is not an overly comprehensive list but I just want to give readers an idea of what I am thinking as far as the blog and my writing is concerned.

I really want to write about the philosophy of madness – mental health/illness – since that combines two of the things I am most interested/familiar with.  However, this would require a lot of work, but perhaps I can make a shorter, preliminary version and keep adding to it as a sort of work in progress.

Okay, well that is all for now.




9 thoughts on “BRAINSTORM-ing post”

  1. I’m an English Literature nerd, there is so much juicy stuff tying mental illness, philosophy, and psychology together. I am going to make a book list of stuff of l love and stuff I still want to read but haven’t gotten around to yet. I’ll make it a post on my wall sometime this week and then post the link in your comment box. Just for fun, like my dad always tells me “if don’t apply, let it fly…” What I really mean, beneath the snarky mask, is I hope you like it, or somebody does, your post just gave me the idea, and I’m going to have fun with this little project 😉 PS: Your book will be awesome, and all of the topics you mentioned will be great for all of us to read!


      1. How is everything? I don´t know…
        I only know this very imoment is ok. It is a new chapter unfolding thanks God.

        I am wondering a lot as to how to further proceed with it all…Baby steps is all fine, I would like start walking in bigger steps as well.

        Not easy when you are surrounded by lots of real – but above all – metaphorical snow…

        How are you? Are you on the go…? Do I detect some kind of new enthusiasm in your tone? 🙂



      2. I wish I was on the go but im working on a research paper assignment in the semi local starbucks. the research proposal is due tonight so i got a lot to do. but i have most of my sources so i need to write up a formal works cited which is taking longer than i thought.

        if you care to share more about the metaphorical snow i am all ears, julien. how helpful i may be is another question, but i can at least listen with empathy.

        Anyway, I am taking a bit of break right now from the school work, maybe ill make a blog post since its been a few days. ive been rather absent due to the end of semester college hectic-ness.




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