USA Secession?

Although this will not actually happen, what needs to be acknowledge is that masses of Americans are angry, fed up and so unsatisfied with the state of their country that even the very idea of secession crossing their minds in a somewhat serious sense really says something.  I invite you all to thank about that.  In light of all the unrest in the Middle East and Europe, will the US be next?  Although I am not sure I believe in it, if karma comes around, we (being a US citizen) are fucked!

Consider this – think of how many countries would adore to see the US crumble?  There is a lot of hate out there in the world against Americans for one reason or another.  So then, even if we do not physically get attacked, reverse economic sanctions and trade disagreements are very possible and probably pretty darn likely.  In other words, who would want and then take action to help or bail the United States out?

As stated, no part of the US will successfully secede, but that is not what is so important.  What is key to recognize is that Americans are dissatisfied on a large scale, and so much so that petitions for secession are being signed by the thousands.

Therefore , it is the idea, not so much the action, that is of significance here – think about that!




4 thoughts on “USA Secession?”

  1. a scary thought indeed….but the idea of a block of countries uniting and imposing sanctions on the US is not unthinkable. They could soon replace Dollar with Euro or some other currency for mutual trading.


    1. Yes and I have read recent headlines about China stocking up on their gold reserves, etc.

      Honestly, you cannot even really blame a lot of the rest of the globe for disliking the U.S. in one way or another. I am not sure what is going to happen and I try to avoid speculating too much but when there is evidence to support my claims I will speak out about it…this is one solid example in my opinion of unrest in America that could lead to further, grander implications in the fairly near future.

      Thanks for stopping by!


      Just as a side note, I am not an expert economist so I do not fully understand the global market and all the ins and outs, but I am concerned with the fact that we have been borrowing trillions of dollars from China. What does this mean for the future? Nothing good for the U.S. if I am seeing this correctly.


      1. the result of all this is similar to what Greece is facing now. The US government has the luxury to fulfill all its obligations such as foreing debt, pensions etc. by printing dollars. However, when it does this the value of the dollar will tank and the pension the future generation receives will amount to nothing. basically, we are ensuring that the next generation is screwed.


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