Why Did CIA Director Petraeus REALLY Resign?

Any thoughts, articles, links, etc. appreciated.  I for one do not believe the Director resigned simply due to an extramarital affair.  What is the REAL reason, what is behind this cover?



10 thoughts on “Why Did CIA Director Petraeus REALLY Resign?”

    1. Do you have any readings/videos to recommend supporting this? I don’t disagree with you, but I am just not all that informed about what actually happened there.

      Many thanks!


      1. I’m shocked the mainstream media has not covered it. Its never on the headlines but do a search. Look up anything by Jennifer Griffin and Katherine Herridge. They are two journalists that are on top of it. I have been shocked that it has not been in the headlines everyday. My most trusted news anchor is now Bret Baier of Special Report. His one-hour show proves over and over to be the most accurate and balanced hard-news out there. I check him with several other sources and he’s always dead-on. He recently did a one-hour special on Libya based on information released by the CIA. Here’s the entire episode. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2012/10/19/bret_baier_special_on_libya_death_and_deceit_in_benghazi.html


      2. More has come out even since then. Makes no sense whatsoever how it was immediately contrived to be from a video. Susan Rice was put on five different news shows and stated this. If David Patreus is resigning over an affair, then why didn’t the same standard apply to Bill Clinton? If every member of Congress resigned from an extramarital affair how many would be left? David Patreus is an honorable man, to be sure, but not by the standards set in Washington. It was very unusual and he was set to testify next week.


      3. Forgot about another article. It was by, believe it or not, The Canadian Free Press. Do a search on their website on it. They had a very excellent article. If I find it I’ll reply the link.


  1. Good one… Since when does any official volunteer such info (adultery) and then resign?
    Nope, I think somewhere along the line he refused to go along with something and either used this for an excuse to resign without attracting attention (& answering questions), or was told to resign and gave this reason.
    But I have no idea what the catalyst was. Sorry, I don’t have enough info in that area.


    1. No need to apologize! We are both in the same boat here. The story will leak out eventually, or at least more pieces to the puzzle, but at the same time so will the conspiracy theories and everybody’s opinions – which is to be expected but I just want the truth!


    1. Sorry, but this link does not direct me to a particular article, but just the general yahoo news page

      I found this KEY info out though: he was scheduled to appear before congress to testify (this week I believe). he knows something critical that the gov’t does NOT want to get out


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