Election day in the U.S. of A

Just another illusion, perhaps the illusion of all illusions.  The grand public feature event of the Elites, the slaves choosing the figurehead master.  HA!  So I for one am not going to participate.  I may be called certain things for electing not to “elect.”  Besides, what is the point when Robama will take the throne anyway?  I mean, honestly, Mitt Romney will probably win, as predicted and leaked out of the Bilderberg Conference.  Obama has served his meager purpose.  He is done.  But if by chance he wins, nothing will change.  Either way, this election only passes the torch to carry more of the same old bullshit.  I guess this makes me a dissenter, but at least I have integrity.  I am reminded and connect to Kurt Vonnegut’s book entitled “A Man Without a Country.”  Yes, in some ways I feel like that but furthermore I wish there this whole ideas of nations was just abolished along with all the corruption that comes with them.

Call me crazy, but I would rather be considered crazy than an ignorant serf of slave in denial of the reality and truth of the situation.  Like the quote about what does it say to be well adjusted to a sick society.  I refuse to accept or adjust to such a thing.  Forget that!

Honestly, let me lay it out very basically.  I want to be free.  Free from all chains, all forms of enslavement, to live my life as I please.  Why is this so not the case?  This seems like a very fundamental, sane request to me; more like a demand, or what should be a natural right.

What’s wrong with the world?

I am.

Who’s going to change this?

I am.





4 thoughts on “Election day in the U.S. of A”

  1. I clap my hands for this:
    “Like the quote about what does it say to be well adjusted to a sick society. I refuse to accept or adjust to such a thing. ”

    That is great. You are on the right track – Krishnamurti said kind of same thing:

    It is not healthy to adjust to a sick society.


      1. Yes this is my first book of his I have read, but I have enjoyed a number of his lectures via youtube. He is awesome!

        I read what you wrote but I needed some time to read it over again, I will respond when I can – I haven’t forgotten.




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