Election day and such

I will write something!  Wow, it has been awhile since I have been AWAKE to see the sun rise – kind of nice actually.  As much as I am not a morning person, thus why I am never up to witness these things, it was cool.  Anyway…

So today, election day 2012 in America, has arrived.  Ah, do I have thoughts on this matter.  I am unsure of whether or not to share some or all of them.  I could write what seems like volumes on this.  Maybe I should.  Maybe I will.

Are you voting today?  Why or why not?  I am rather curious.

I am not voting today, after much consideration.  If I did vote, I would go for some third party, but since there is virtually no hope for victory I will save myself the time and bother while the next president gets undemocratically “elected.”

Funny, I was born in the USA, raised here and still live here with my parents in a pretty rural suburban part of New Jersey, where I have been my whole live (granted we moved from one town to the neighboring one 3.5 years ago).  I grew up rather impartial to the country, the inner workings of politics and government, not in the sense that I totally did not care, but at the same time, although politics and government have been an interest of mine ever since the 7th grade or so, I have yet been able to take a poli sci course.  Not that school is the sole place available to learn about politics, and probably is not the best either, politics is arguable taboo.

Now is that not peculiar – talking about politics, is kind of like religion, taboo in a supposed democracy?  Something is terribly wrong with that picture.  I mean really, is that not extremely odd?  For a healthy democracy to function yet alone exist, politics must be a part of the daily conversation.  This is just one example showing the United States is hardly a free democracy.  Furthermore, not only is politics simply not talked about, it is almost shunned.  Whomever brings the subject up in this day in age is viewed in most circles as somewhat of an annoyance, like why bother talk about that stuff when we have more important things to tend to.

But if not in the public sphere, where is this sort of thing supposed to be discussed?  There simply cannot be a very effective private discourse that is also considered a free, functioning democracy.  The two are possibly mutually exclusive.  For, at least with the election system as it stands, nobody would know whose running and what issues are being raised and consequently the candidate’s positions on those things had there been no public discourse.

So what is a citizen to do?

Well, in short, I don’t really know – other than it is a good question.  This is really the question of our times.  I suppose that could be argued for most any time period, but since I am alive for this one, I will argue for such.

I just do not know what to do – I feel divided.  Part of me just wants to run away, but that does not solve anything.  But then again is this my problem to solve?  Even if I was to evacuate this country, where would I go and would it be any different?  Even if it is different, would it be the way I desire?  And suppose I do stick around, what can I do to fix this mess?  When money is power, I have next to none!  And forget being related to anybody famous.  I am just me, and I although this means everything I am not sure if everything is enough.  The Establishment does not care about me.  So I guess my question is really whether or not one person can really change the world?  And I pose this very, very seriously.  I know a lot of people say wishfully they want to help the world be a better place or whatever, but this is usually a bunch of bullshit.  I am not a fan of bullshit.  I am the antithesis of bullshit, the antagonist if you will.

So then, what am I to do?

I am not writing this expecting anyone to answer this for me, but rather, this is just the sort of thing that goes on in between my ears.  Maybe someone will say something insightful, or maybe not.  Regardless, I still think these thoughts.

In fact, I can only realistically expect me to answer these very same questions.  Of course, input from others can be valuable, but ultimately it is all up to me.

This brings up another point, sort of related.  You know how some people will say you create your own future?  Well, this may be true.  But, why are we so damn concerned about the future?!  It has been said man is the only species that does not know what he or she should do with their existence, their life.  Think about that – other animals, other species seem to have a pretty distinct possibly predetermined purpose for their life.  Humans however have this problem of free will.  Thus, we tend to get concerned about things, such as the future.  Or rather, perhaps, we are conditioned to do so, by society at large and other influences.

And then we also tend to live in the past.  This is a deadly combination in which by doing either or both of these things we are negating or not living in the present – which, by the way, is all we’ve got!

Consider this – we live through fogged lenses of our past attempting to predict or at least influence in order to shape and create our future on an individual, personal basis.  This is hugely significant!  This is why neurosis is so common, I think!  There is a somewhat common saying, at least among psychologists and their clients, that anxiety is caused by fear of the future, while depression is regret of the past.  This sums up our times and even human history of madness.  For after all, as humanity has, for lack of a better term, “progressed,” we have industrialized, and so forth and so on.  But what does this mean for us personally, and as a society?

Consider work and the role of work in one’s life.  How many people think of their success and failure in terms of monetary values?

Furthermore, what is the ever too common cycle of life?  In a nutshell, one is conceived, schooled, worked then possibly retires and then dies.  One thing just leads to the other.  We are always preparing – but preparing for what?!  We, as kids, and even adults too, that we need to prepare for the next stage of life – as if life was lived in stages!

This whole notion of stages of life is division!  Why divide?!?  Why are we compartmentalizing everything?  This is fundamentally unsound, wrong and the source of lots of unnecessary misery and suffering.  Why do we do this to ourselves?

And even worse is that instead of thinking about change, we try to adapt to the illusion of what is.  Instead of observing what is for what it, is, we concoct these elaborate illusions which are lives which therefore cause conflict in regard to reality and thus suffering and misery.

I hope you are taking this all into consideration for it is all of the utmost importance.

So then, we lie to ourselves by living in the past trying to predict the future meanwhile negating all we ever have which is the present.

Wow – how illogical?  I thought humans were supposed to be rational beings!  Perhaps we are, but we have just corrupted rationalization.  I mean, for example, we attempt to continually rationalize our problems, our wrongdoings, somehow making them “okay.”  But why not face these problems?  Why do we create so much extra, unneeded work for ourselves by constructing these fantasy lives?

We are always comparing.  This is better than that.  X is better than Y but not as good as Z, and so forth and so on.  Then we go – but he or she, some “expert” said “blah” so that must be Truth.

This expert is a mere human being, no lesser or greater than you or I.  So what makes him an expert?  What concerns me most are those self proclaimed life experts.  What qualifies them to tell me how to better live my life?  Honestly!

And still, people take these experts for gurus and their words for Truth, even if they conflict with their own hearts and minds.  This of course results in tremendous unnecessary trouble!

This is all very taxing for the fragile human mind and heart.  So much stress, I am so stressed people always say.  I have gone into some of the why but hen what do they or we do about it?

We design drugs to calm ourselves down, to sleep at night, to wake ourselves up, and the list goes on.  There is seemingly no end for what people will go to in order to reach a desired effect.  Typically this is directly related to productivity which means work and by work I do not mean the good kind necessarily, but much more likely the must-earn-paycheck kind.

So therefore we are slaves!  Slaves, yes slaves to the monster God-like entity called the economy.  What does this do?  This just furthers and promotes more misery.  Money has no intrinsic value, yet people slave away at some meaningless 9-5 for a lifetime just so they can pay off their children’s college loans so their kids can repeat the same fucking thing.  And we hail ourselves as living in the post modern age!  Ha, the arrogance, the ignorance, the denial is laughable in a very sinister sort of way!

Now, there is obviously fundamental problems here – so what is the solution you may ask.  If you are asking this expecting me to tell you then that is part of the problem!

I am not your expert, just as no one else is my expert other than me!

You see, one must delve into their Self to resolve these things.  But although resolution is needed, perhaps it is not going to come in the way you might think.  But please, do not take my words for granted, for Truth!  Find out for yourself!  Experiment!

A personal revolution is required.  Nothing short of that will suffice.  Many people proclaim you need to change how you view things – which may be true, but have you, more importantly, considered why?

Why view things differently?  Why view things at all?

This may seem sort of crazy but what if you could end your useless misery instantly?

I know, I know you all have heard this infomercial before – but I am not telling you to purchase my product.  In fact, the opposite – invest in your Self!

I can only guide you, at the very most, and I am not even confident in doing so (yet).  So maybe I can help but that is all.  I can show you the door perhaps, but you have to walk through it.

Okay, I will admit I am reading some Jiddu Krishnamurti right now, and loving it (The Awakening of Intelligence is the title), so that may be influencing, well to be honest, is definitely influencing some of my recent and current thought.

But even still, I am trying not to fall too deeply in love with his words, or at least not for ultimate Truth and certainly not for granted.  This is not an easy task considering the man is absolutely brilliant!

Anyhow, before I go off on a tangent about my J. Krishnamurti love affair, back to the topic(s) at hand.

In one sense this is all very simple – if you want to end your unnecessary misery then you must end your way of thinking about things – including everything!


Because, as it has been stated, you cannot solve the problems in the same way of thinking that created them.  This really makes a lot of sense, at least to me.  So that means you cannot use the same framework to solve a problem you have created.

Furthermore, to end this suffering, you must end the cycle, the trap of the past-future thinking, of the comparison thinking, for all of this simply causes more and more conflict.

One must unlearn to learn.

One must learn to simply observe what is!  Instead of focusing on your energy on what is not, like how your car is not the nicest, or your wife is too annoying, or whatever, focus on what is!

That means observing the present, but NOT to make value judgements.  That right there is the key – to observe simply what is without comparing and contrasting like we have all been conditioned to do.  In some ways this is like nonthinking.  I would say this is like living in a constant meditative state.  If that is not beautiful, then I do not know what is!  (Although I cannot exactly speak from much experience of that quite yet).

Just think about how much nicer life would be without all the constant imaginary conflict!  This may be the key to the good life!!!

Ah, as of now I can but dream of living like this.

Well, I have certainly covered a lot here, I guess now would be a good time to press pause for my hands are a bit tired from all this typing.  Over 2,225 words after all!

From today’s election to some philosophy on life, from yours truly.

THANK YOU for reading if you made it this far, I deeply appreciate it.  Please share your thoughts!

Have a wonderful day!


P.S.  This is my longest blog post yet!


One thought on “Election day and such”

  1. Paul,
    I read this to the very end and appreciate your probing to find real truth. What you wrote resonated with me for I was at the very same place years ago. As a college student I was hurt deeply in several human relationships, one romantic, the others friends, and the rest philosophers and politicians. I came to realize that people can disappoint and hurt deeply and we cannot find truth in them. I was becoming a cynic and a hermit at a very young age—intent on walling myself in, protecting myself from them.
    Through a process of nearly a year of soul-searching, reading, and then somehow having a path clearly opened to me I found the truth. If you would, let me summarize my story. I appreciate you hearing me out. That truth I found was and is a person. And that person is Jesus Christ. I had no idea what he meant my entire growing-up years. I came to know Him as the greatest philosopher that ever lived. I then came to know Him as the Son of God. I then came to know Him in a personal relationship by accepting all His truth by faith. My life has been filled with purpose and a richness I never thought possible.
    Here are two verses that were so clearly put in my path. When they came to me, it was like a shockwave hit my heart and I knew I had to explore this unique person placed before me. John 14:6 “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father but through me.”
    Jeremiah 29:11-13 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. ”
    I have remained a student of the Scriptures known as the Bible and in all its honesty and atrocity it has proven true.
    As a seeker of real truth I encourage you to consider it. I had studied everything under the sun and finally decided it deserved at least minimal attention. And I even began with this simple prayer: “God—I don’t know if there’s even anyone out there hearing me—but if you’re real, I want to know you. I know truth cannot be found in man and I don’t know where else to turn. Please, if you’re there, I want to know you. Please reveal yourself to me. I’m gonna give this Bible a chance and I’m going to “pray” this everyday with a sincere heart and just see what happens. So if you’re out there, I’m looking for you.”
    I kept reading that Bible and then the oddest things started happening. I met people I would have never imagined or even been drawn to. And we discussed philosophy and really deep topics. And all the answers made sense.
    I’m not in any way telling you where to seek but I can see you are hungering for real truth and so I tell you my story as a perspective to consider.
    As to politics, we are all engaged by default and if we do not speak out on behalf of truth then we resort to an ultimate state of anarchy. However, I’ve drawn up my own “Rules of Engagement for Political Discourse” and have posted them on my personal Facebook page. I have nieces, nephews, family, and friends of all political leanings. Unfortunately the young do not put much thinking into it. They seem to fall for all the talking points and labels without putting true thought into it. I think Facebook relationships are a great place for this discourse so am putting some time into this sort of thing there. If you are interested in my list of Ten Rules of Engagement I would be happy to post them in a reply. I’ve had a very good response from everyone and it seems we have drawn a truce in the usual rants of the day and decided some honest discussion is necessary. We absolutely must keep our government accountable. If we sit back and do not speak out what kind of legacy do we leave? I want my descendants to see that I tried. I spoke out.
    I know my reply is long today, as was your post. But I thought your long thoughtful post deserved a thoughtful response. I don’t have a lot of time for blogging but do the best I can in replies, especially for those who’ve chosen to follow mine.
    Some great books I recommend: Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. Anything by Francis Schaeffer.
    Peace in your journey,


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