Stuck amid the wrath of Hurricane Sandy

Wow, this has been without a doubt the longest stretch I have gone without making a post since I started this blog – blog withdrawal maybe?  But anyway, I am fine although this Hurricane Sandy has torn through New York and New Jersey, with trees and wires down everywhere, houses destroyed, and so on.  Many people including myself are still without power with word being it may take two weeks until power is fully restored.  Fortunately for my family we have a generator so I suppose I cannot complain too much – although not having internet really sucks.  I am currently at a Barnes & Noble for one of the first times gaining any access to the world wide web since the storm hit what seems like ages ago.

So yes courtesy of Sandy I have been MIA in the blogosphere, which can be reflected by the number of views my page has seen recently – zero!  Anyhow, enough of that, time to write, alas!!

All this time spent alone, stranded, estranged from friends there has been a lot of…time, whatever that means, I am not totally sure, but there has been a lot of what most people call free time.  But is time really free?  What does free time mean?  Is this just another conceptual illusion constructed and accepted by us humans?  Do animals, or any other species concern themselves with time?

In other words, is time just another construction of the human mind?  And if so, which I think it is, why is it seemingly so important?  I mean, we humans rely on time like it is something real, but is time “real?”

Would time exist if humans did not exist?

That, I think, is the key question here.  I suppose time may be useful for somethings, but I also tend to think we give it too much power than it deserves.  For instance, the modern world essentially allows time to run their lives, they live by time, and I would imagine the modern world would be even more chaotic than it already is without time used as a matter of order and structure.

However, chaos may be good.  Chaos may be beautiful!

And it also may be what we need.

So what is time, besides a method of order than thus control?  Or is that just it?  So is chaos good then?  Do we need chaos?

Think about it!




4 thoughts on “Stuck amid the wrath of Hurricane Sandy”

  1. I like this post.

    Very good questions you raise:
    “But is time really free? What does free time mean?”

    This one especially:
    “In other words, is time just another construction of the human mind? And if so, which I think it is, why is it seemingly so important?”

    This requires further considering…


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