Post-apocalyptic notions

How much of these apocalyptic notions are based or grounded in truth?  I realize we may not be in the best of times, more towards the contrary in my opinion, but is the world really about to end as we know it?  Even all the fire and brimstone aside, is the world going to end in a fundamental way sometime somewhat soon?

Despite the fact that it is hard for me to be overly positive about the current state of the world I inhabit, I also find it hard to believe “its all going to end” especially not any of the “2012 predictions.”  And if I am viewing history correctly, not much just changes suddenly, for history is an ongoing narrative, and sequence of events that all connect to each other.  So I do not see a sudden catastrophic event occurring that fundamentally changes the world forever happening anytime soon, if ever.  My point is history happens over time, not overnight.

That being said, and hopefully this is not being hypocritical but I feel strongly that a significant shift in this world needs to occur for the betterment of not only mankind, but Earth as a whole as well.

Let’s face it, the world isn’t sick, we are.  This is just some stark honesty.  I am not eluding to neurotics, or any minority group, but as a whole, the planet Earth is “sick” or “infected” with humans.  However, this is not intended to be a damning statement, but rather a statement of hope or at least opportunity.  We, individually and thus as a whole, have the propensity to change.

In my contemporary ethics book, one perspective argues, and I think rightfully so, that humans must change the way in which they think in order to change the world in which we live.  That is a rather profound statement, and I hope you can chew on the words and explore what that might mean.

More to come on this…



3 thoughts on “Post-apocalyptic notions”

  1. no wonder that the concept of “maya” or illusion gained so much ground in eastern philosophy. The early philosophers did realize that the world is what we make of it. Our senses are biased and hence deceive our interpretation of reality.
    great post!


  2. We need to understand that our THINKING IS THE PROBLEM. When the intrinsic nature of thought is understood, we may bring about a healthier reality…Till then…we ‘ll just obsessively reiterate the same mistakes…


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