“For here or to-go?”

Is this how we live our lives?  Like a small pastry from the Starbucks cafe, are we just living here or living “to-go?”  Yes I do find it rather a peculiar of a comparison, but also a worthy one at that.  There is definitely some truth here, but perhaps more so in the thoughtful answer.  Are you living in the Now, for the moment, to experience life as it Is?  Or are you just stuck here in a physical body waiting, anticipating death and life in another realm?  Yes, this is a serious question because I am not asking for the knee-jerk response but rather a thoughtful answer or thought sequence.

Feel free to share your ideas!




4 thoughts on ““For here or to-go?””

  1. Right this moment (there it is – the moment), honestly… I’d have to say both… living in the moment while still learning how… but as I get older, at times (now, there it is again) – especially when asked – I find I am getting tired and closer to (not anticipating but) seeing the end of my path. It’s all good.


    1. you got it so right! I think my answer to that would change with time too…at this very moment I am here to stay and live it to the full…however a year back my answer would have been different.


  2. I’m actually in a cafe now, watching people come and go, snagging their lattes and mochas to go and dashing out the door. Today was like that for me, too: just one long, frantic run. It feels good to sit down, read, and reflect a little bit.

    That’s one thing I really love about seeing other cultures or lifestyles: I see just how frantic and empty our “to go” kick is in America. Where are we going? It’s almost like we’re running from something.

    This running always brings me back to existentialism: to experience existence can be terrifying and crippling, but as we grow to accept it and learn to live with the clarity of the realization, we have truly meaningful, authentic lives.

    I don’t think that’s possible to with a “to go” mentality. With that, one is always running from that authenticity.


  3. The here and the now is the only reality. At least that I can conceive. Yet even as I type reality evolves into history and the here and now.

    As a non-theist I hold no concepts of “after life”.

    If there is a hereafter, then it will be my new “here and now!!!”

    Peace and harmony to all.


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