About that job

So my bank account is screaming “get a freakin’ job Paul!”  And I  suppose now is about the right time to go out and get one.  Now, I traditionally do well with attaining a job but I have some different views on things nowadays, some of which I will probably have to put aside in order to actually keep a job.  to put things simply and generally, I do NOT want to be just another cog in The System!  No, not for me!  Even just a small cog, is too much.  I do not wish to sacrifice my integrity to make some fat asshole rich off of my hard but menial work.  I am not okay with that.  However, what are my options here?  I need to earn some monies just for practicality’s sake.  But I refuse to work just to earn a pay check and waste hours out of my day at some workplace that does not even interest me in the least bit.

I guess I find myself sort in a bind because I do not really want to work under the typical conditions for a college-aged hourly job.  However, I need money, which means I will probably have to swallow some pride or whatever and earn that stupid paycheck.


I am visiting my aunt and uncle this weekend, and Uncle Tony had some innovative ideas as far as potential work scenarios go (although I might have to work to make some fat asshole rich on the side too).  Since I know I want to pursue my undergraduate studies in Philosophy what about doing something in that field?  I am about to earn my associates degree (in Liberal Arts) and there are a few colleges within driving distance that maybe I could land a teachers assistant job at, or even just filing paperwork for professors, anything that keeps me in the realm of academia.  The purpose is twofold – one is obviously to earn a bit of pocket change but also to keep my wits about me through involvement in intelligent, meaningful work that I may actually enjoy.

He, as I, am unsure how I will be able to pull this since I am not a student at any of these 4 year schools, nor do I plan to be, which could make things tricky.

However, living in New Jersey, I am not terribly far from New York City, although that commute might be ugly.  I am unsure what to do exactly, but I want to pursue his idea of working something philosophy-related.  He made the point that I ought to do something noteworthy with my time between graduating this December and transferring for Fall 2013.  Hence, somehow working in academia.

I am more than open to any ideas others might have, so please, if anything comes to mind – even just a general idea or tip/advice – comment below.   So yes, I am opening my job hunt up to the blogosphere!

Many thanks to those, if any, who respond.



P.S.  I wouldn’t mind earning some money via writing either!


4 thoughts on “About that job”

  1. Sounds like a great plan… stay out of the system as best you can. I don’t have any special ideas or leads, but you’ve already taken the most important steps – thinking & resolve… now comes keeping your eyes & ears open and patience. Good Luck! If I do think of anything, I’ll circle back.


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