…what a curious phenomena!


4 thoughts on “Time”

  1. Very.
    In one way, as “in the moment”, meaningless… yet without it, I’m not sure we (nature) could exist. It would be kind of like missing a dimension – living in a two (or even 1) dimensional world… and then there’s the ‘man’ part of time, IMO now mostly used to enslave as – as opposed to help coordinate essential activities (i.e. we make way too much of it). Witness indigenous peoples and their concept of time – quite different, don’t you think?


    1. I am not even sure if time truly exists – for without man, would time still be? I am not sure. Interesting point about the usage of time of perhaps modern versus indigenous man. I would have to agree there, at least to a point. I think time can be useful, though its overused now. Actually, I am not even sure time is necessary. I don’t know – I need to think about this some more!!

      Thanks for the comment though!




      1. The concept of time is mind boggling.

        My counsel.. if you think about time.. then take your time thinking bout time!!

        Seriously, it is a mind boggler. The beginning of this was reply is already history.. As was that comment. As was that comment.. As was that comment… etc etc etc

        Peace and harmony!!


  2. The existence of time is relevant to the existence of man, as it only exists to rationalize our existing productivity. If time no longer existed then only two options would occur.. Man has ceased to exist.. thereby making time irrelevant even within concept, or. Man has transcended time and has become 4 or even 5 dimensional and can walk into the 1600 straight into the year 4000 just as casually as we would down our street. God Bless.

    – Inked Pen


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