Original short story anyone?

For my short story English Lit survey class I basically have a semester long assignment of composing my very own short story.  The class, myself included, is assigned Story Exercises almost weekly to work on.  Eventually this will lead to the beginnings of our final story which will be submitted towards the end of the semester (and worth a sizable chunk of my grade!).  Even though this aspect was unassigned, I just started writing today after class – I wrote over 1,500 words in probably about 20-30 minutes.  I just wrote without thinking too much, and I think it was pretty coherent.  I at least have put some good ideas down on virtual paper.  The story will be realistic fiction – most likely reflecting some personal experience with depression and philosophical elements as far as deep questions the protagonist is forced to face as well as just some things from my imagination, which has been severely under-worked in the past few years, dare I say.  Maybe I will post my work, but probably not until it is finished or at least further along than it is now – perhaps a rough draft then a final version?


Would anyone be interested in reading?


I may just post it regardless, but if there is an audience there is only more motivation.





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