My weekends

No insane “dude where’s my car?” drunken escapades happening with this guy – my weekends are definitely lacking that kind of fun and excitement.  Not that you need alcohol to have fun, in fact, I basically do not drink at all – I would have to think about the last time I actually drank.  But anyway, I wonder why – why are my weekends so unsatisfactory?  The obvious answer is that I simply do not really do much of anything – but is that not “the point” of relaxing over the weekend?  Granted, I am more of the type of person to want to do something, but even still, there is nothing wrong with sleeping in, writing a bit, watching films, and doing homework.  Unless, maybe, this happens every weekend, all weekend – which is my dilemma here.  Although I am in college, I attend a local community college without dorms so I live (still) at home with my family.  This kills the social scene – no dorms means nobody sticks around school, especially not on over the weekends.  Secondly, due to the medications I take I am unable to drink and thus I choose to avoid the party scene – which one typically is forced to travel to Rutgers or another in-state school, unless a friend has an apartment in the area, or “cool parents” I suppose.   But regardless, I am not all that interested in partaking in the “Frat boy” party scene.  This is all not to mention I do not have a job while my two good friends work all weekend, usually.

So what do I do, then, you ask?  Well, not much to be honest – I sleep in, write, read, maybe watch a film, do school work, eat and go to sleep again – although not necessarily in that exact order.  Not too exciting, and time seems to creep on sometimes.  In fact, my school week goes by much faster than my weekend, despite the average college student announcing just the opposite.  I guess I should probably get a job, although I am not all that excited about doing that (I don’t want to shave my beard!).

If you read this cool, if not that’s cool too, I just needed to write something now to hopefully spur some more writing soon hereafter.

Have a better weekend!



6 thoughts on “My weekends”

  1. Sounds a lot like my weekends now. When I was in undergrad I was involved in the “party scene” but now I’m in grad school with a bunch of nerds (I use the term “nerds” with the utmost respect) and we actually like talking about poetry and writing all weekend without getting too crazy. It’s nice. Although I should probably find a job, too -_-


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