Monday morning

The steam from the fresh cup of hot Starbucks coffee serenades across the screen of my laptop ever so gently.  I wonder what I will write today, if I will write today, what, if any, words will present themselves to me on this day.  The cool air, the hot drink yet I still don’t know what to think.  Hmm, what a curious disposition, what a scene.  I feel like a writer though, coffee for breakfast, coffee for lunch, hopefully actual food for dinner, but that is just a hunch!  Ha, ahhh the life of a poor college student.  I need a job, that pays money, so I don’t go hungry.  Or maybe I should insist on my father paying me back.  Then again, that money won’t last forever either, so I guess a job I will be needing.  Ugh, if only I could get paid to write articles, or to do something I at least somewhat enjoy.  I detest the idea of working for nothing but a paycheck to spend on stupid, pointless, useless shit in order to just repeat the cycle all over again, continually.  Expletive!



2 thoughts on “Monday morning”

  1. Hang in there with your college. A wise person once told me let your vocation free you to do your avocation. I was once where you were and staying in college, getting a practical degree was the best choice I ever made. I am by no means wealthy but have enough to free me to do what I love, mostly photography. Here’s a quote from an ancient to encourage you.
    “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” ~ Aristotle
    Alexandria Sage


    1. No doubt – I plan on staying in academia for a loooong time!! I actually like school so no worries I will not be “dropping out” anytime soon, if ever.

      Thanks for the words though!!




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