Post #51

Well, for those who saw my earlier post, the first Philosophy Cub meeting, wherein I am President, went quite well.  About ten or twelve students showed up, with my adviser commenting many more shall arrive or join over the course of the next couple of meetings.  We are going to meet every week formally, but I hope we, even if only a few of us, can meet up more often to chat, read, and discuss philosophy.  I think this is going to be a really awesome club!  Perhaps I should considering I am the President, but all the same, it is true.  I am excited for the coming months, and feel as though this will be an excellent opportunity to bring philosophy into the conversation more at my school, which, being a community college, is rather lacking to put it mildly.  However, this is all to change, even if only for an hour a so per week, starting yesterday.  Ah, how I like the sound of that.  Regardless of where this goes, I am more than glad I am doing it.

Moving on already, I seem to be going through a writers block period for I am not as anxious to type things out as of recent weeks.  Hopefully this is just an ebb and flow type deal, and my fervor will return soon.  Hopefully…

Sorry for kind of a lame post, but I needed to get one out of my system, ha.




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