Wednesday Philosophy

What to write, what to write, oh I wish I knew what to write – but what do I know – if anything…

What is real?  Does reality exist or is it all just an illusion.  How can we trust our perceptions – what if we are wrong?  What is right?  Why is left, left and right, right?

What is the nature of reality?  And if there is no such thing, what is there?  Or is there simply nothing at all?  Is “this” all some sort of dream – do we all live in some sort of dream-state?  When do we wake up, and what is this process like?  How?

Subjectivity versus Objectivity – is the latter even possible?  How so?  How come?  Prove it!

Maybe this is related to my recent first time viewing of the full Matrix movies from 1999.  What a great film by the wsubjay!  But anyway, there is definitely a major problem here.  I, for some reason, hesitate to call it a philosophical problem, for I think this is juts a problem in general.  A problem to be solved, perhaps, but maybe not in this lifetime – this physical experience on Earth (whatever that really means?).

Really though, how can you prove existence?  How can anyone determine anything?  Ah, epistemology, yes.

How come there are some things “everybody” – using this term loosely – can agree on and deem “fact,” while other things, such as ethics for example, are considered highly debatable.  Think of those questions from school that have not “right or wrong” answer versus those which have just one correct response.  This is part of the problem I am referring to.

Who gets to decide these things?  Who decided 2+2=4?  Why does 2 plus 2 equal 4 anyway?  What are numbers?  Why do they exist and are they “true?”  Hmm…

I am not much of a “numbers guy” so I will not dwell to much on that area, but the question still very much exists and is pertinent.

I guess what I am really interested in is accurately describing and furthermore understanding, grasping, the true nature of reality – whatever that may be.  Reality versus illusion is the heart example of this gigantic problem.

So what do you think?



P.S. – Tomorrow will be my first Philosophy Club meeting as president at my college!!



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