All politics aside (along with other things)

All politics aside, even if just for a moment, why don’t we think of something much more fundamental and important :  LIFE.  I mean, put all the bullshit aside, why do we allow certain people and groups to murder, rape, torture, etc. others?  Inequalities exist, for as long as we allow them to!  Although the power in numbers argument is not always the strongest, but when considered globally, the sheer worldwide population, can certainly “move mountains” so to speak.  So why not move the neo-conservative mountain?  Why not move the mountain of injustice?  Why not move the mountain of LIES?  And so forth and so on?

I cannot for the life of me remember if this is my second time reading 1984 or my first, but it sounds too familiar to be my first, so I probably read it back in middle school – i.e. 7th or 8th grade?  That is sort of irrelevant but I just picked it up this morning to read the first 15-20 pages or so.  The comparisons of Orwell’s 1984 to present day is astonishing if not downright disgusting.  I have seen and heard of the motto of “1984 is NOT an instruction manual” or the like, and people ought to take this saying more seriously, for the current state of affairs is not all that different.

As I am only, at most, 20 pages in, I cannot do a comprehensive comparison at the moment, but I already sense Orwell was prophetic in his writing, whether intending to do so, or hopefully, not.  This makes me wonder what Orwell’s background is like, his political affiliation, ideology and general metaphysics.  Hmm, I should look that up.  But anyway, the screen that watches you is eerily similar to the facebook face recognition.  The comparison is nearly spot on.

Back to what I wanted to discuss here and now is that why do we, as a people, as citizens of the earth, members of the universe, allow politics to get in the way of preserving life?  Seriously?  People are dying as I write this because of the government of the country I was born into and still live in, yet what am I and the folks around me doing?  Drinking coffee and eating donuts, that are both overpriced, at Starbucks on the weekend, for no damn good reason – mine is simply there is nothing better for me to do…or at least that is what I tell myself.  How true it is, I am not so certain, but I suppose this may be my rationalization for not taking to the streets of D.C. and wreaking 15 minutes of havoc before getting handcuffed.

Really though, and I know this is not the first time posing this question nor am I the only one asking it, but what is one to do?

I feel simultaneously that I must do something, yet I have no clue what to do.  What a paradox!

This is not to say that I do not have any ideas whatsoever, but there are some things preventing me from following through with them or tempting me to delay doing so.  For one, I am but a couple more months away from graduating with my associates degree.  More importantly, I am still taking 4 different prescriptions for what is called “bipolar depression.”  A word on that – I do NOT in any sane person’s mind suffer from bipolar disorder.  But I am on Lithium among other drugs treating both my “depression” and “bipolar depression.”  Interesting, huh?  But what I am getting at is that I cannot simply stop taking them, they are a great burden, and safely withdrawing is a long, drawn out process that can be quite painful, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Nevertheless, I am determined to ween myself off of these things.  I will consult a doctor for help, and will be in some form of talk therapy throughout the process, at least that is my plan.  Why?  Well, I have found a practice that is, more or less, exactly in line with my views on treating what people consider depression, mental health and so forth and so on.  In fact, the doctor affiliated with the group is the author of countless publications including many books of which a few I own and have read.

Besides all of that, I need to figure out what it is I am going to do upon graduating community college this December.  Again, I have ideas but no plans…yet.  Furthermore, if and when, more heavily towards when, I go back to school to seek my bachelors degree may be that Fall of 2013.  That would mean applying in the Spring which is a whole, long process in and of itself.  In short, I have got a lot on my plate.  Oh, and I need to mention I have to earn some money too.  Ugh, money.


So, regardless of what you have or have not read, please take some time to contemplate why we, everyone included, allow “politics” to get in the way of saving lives?  What do you think?  Is the answer really profits for a few?  What do you suppose the Elite think of all this?


Thanks for reading.





2 thoughts on “All politics aside (along with other things)”

  1. Firstly I want to say hi and thank you for stopping by my blog. Within an hour of creating it no less. I did not expect that at all. The net truly is amazing.

    I’ve read a few of your first posts and then I read your latest. It’s easy to see we share the same inquisitive drive for knowledge and understanding of the world we live in and desperately try to make sense of it. Thus we share some of the same problems that come with that.

    We seek answers or “truth” as you put it, but I believe the universe is too complicated to expect nice simple answers however desperately we might wish for them.

    I don’t have an answer to the question. What I have is an answer for myself when I ask these difficult questions and perhaps you might find it useful. (I always tell my friends to find THEIR answers) Sometimes seeking meaning or answers is futile. The answers may be just beyond our current capacity to understand and therefore unattainable. And I have to find solace in that.

    However, life is what we make of it as individuals. So rather than focusing on the power of numbers and what others can do, I focus on what I personally can do. It is my belief that if everyone, I mean every individual, did this, lived with this philosophy, then we’d have a better world. It starts with one. You can’t start worrying about what you’re going to wear for a night out when you can’t make yourself get out of bed. One step at a time.

    On a lighter note, I was watching an episode of Community. I think it’s the first episode actually, where Jeff says something like: “I found out at a very young age that if I talk long enough, I can make anything right OR wrong. So it means that I am either God, or truth is relative.” It’s a funny argument he’s making to his friend the community college psychologist regarding morality, but it did get me thinking about perception. Very good show. #sixseasonsandamovie


    1. The net is amazing and I look forward to reading your work in the near future. Welcome, as a fellow blogger once said to me, to the BLOGOSPHERE! Ha.

      I see what you are saying, and agree, I wrote this post rather frustrated, so I think I sort of overlooked the individual aspect. At the same time, we need a collective movement, as you say, which requires a significant mass of individuals to look at life more philosophically or deeply, or critically, however you want to put it. In short, people need to THINK for themselves, and not hopelessly adopt other peoples views and “BS” – belief systems.

      I look forward to future discussion – until then…




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