NOW – the perfect time to create a post!

Catchy title, huh?  Yes, I did think of this myself, for all of you wondering.

As I sit here at my desk sipping on some iced green tea, what is it that I wanted to write about?  Or, rather, what IS it that I want to right about?  Let’s take a look:

So I think I need to take some sort of Middle East 101, or, even better, the world besides or in addition to just America (101).  I need a crash course on the world, and not in a geographical sense, but in a way that allows me to understand what the hell is going on in my backyard, down the road, across town, etc.  Help?  Any suggestions?  I want sociopolitical education of the rest of the globe.

I know I am not alone, and this is probably not an accident for Americans tend to have a reputation, and I think correctly so, of being rather ignorant.  But why?  Why is “the greatest” (not my belief, just the notion professed by the flag waver inhabitants of this nation) country unaware of the rest of the global community?  Especially when, in fact, we have our hands in everyone else’s business – maybe overgeneralizing a tad, but we certainly influence the world in a significant fashion.

Maybe the answer is simple – as in, our leaders do not want the citizens to be aware of the dirty business our nation is involved in or directly conducting?  One could definitely make a strong argument for this premise.

But perhaps it is more complex than just that.

What are your thoughts?



11 thoughts on “NOW – the perfect time to create a post!”

  1. “our leaders do not want the citizens to be aware of the dirty business our nation is involved in or directly conducting” – you are correct.
    “But perhaps it is more complex than just that.” – Yes it is.
    My thoughts? Keep searching and reading, the answer is freely available all around you. What is happening is relatively simple once you make to effort to see… the complexity lies in the different ‘levels’ – physical, spiritual, etc.


    1. I have no intention to stop, I just have not “figured it all out” yet.

      Care to elaborate?

      I mean, on the one hand I feel like I have got a lot of it generally figured out, but when it comes to specifics or even such things as the Middle East I am quite unsure of what to think exactly. Not that I am willing to let anyone tell me what to think, but rather I have not come to sufficient conclusions yet and need more truthful info on the history and what currently is going on.

      Thanks for stopping by,



      1. Sort of… it all depends on what you’re looking for. Seems to me the best thing I can do is (again) suggest that you peruse the suggested reading & viewing page on my site (choose and read/view something) – because that way you will open your own eyes… If you just read it here, it will be too easy, too short, & incomplete. Just trying to be open & honest here.
        Also (I need to say) that I hesitate at this moment because I am wroking out the problem of “know myself, inner exploration, etc.” (meditation) vs. doing something about what is happening (action) – and until I work this out I do not feel that I can offer much insight… for the moment (I am getting close).


      2. Yes I do read more than just what I come across on the blogosphere, but I am also interested in checking out that page you mentioned.


        And perhaps there is room to do both, seek to know yourself while also taking action? Maybe the two are not mutually exclusive…just a thought.




  2. Well, I never pay attention to America when she calls herself the “greatest” I believe in a higher power, so such boasting falls on deaf ears, haha. As for learning about the rest of the world sir, it is my grand passion!!! You should read everything you can get your hands on including the NY Times, Life Magazine (global editions), Political treatises, Philosophers from the East and from Western history because they give insight into the way governments are designed. The cultures of people anthropologically speaking are also enormously interesting and you should read novels from Authors of other countries—Google “Best Novels By Spanish Authors” or something along those lines; insert a country or region of your choice, and hit up the library. I predict fun times are coming up for you Truthseeker 😀


  3. Interesting post. I feel the same way often: I just need a background on the world. I was Egypt this past summer, and it really changed my perspective on things.

    That said, if I may be so brash as to offer an idea, I think the best thing is to establish a personal connection. It’s what has helped me try to make sense of it all. Read a few history books about things that interest you, check the paper now and then. In time, patterns start to emerge and you see things that you really care about and can articulate the world better–even if it still doesn’t make sense.

    What I always tell my Dad is that Americans lack context. A situation always has a web of causes around it, even stretching back to ancient times. Nothing is isolated.

    Sorry these thoughts are so jumbled, but I hope they help!


    1. Brett,

      You are right on there – nothing “just happens” as is so frequently portrayed in the U.S. media system. I try, and often do, keep up with the news, and read books about current as well as historical events. Context is so important, so key, for if nobody knows the background, how can any sort of intelligent opinion be formed? The WHY is just as important as the who, what, where, when and how, although it seems to be frequently missed or skewed…on purpose…so that Americans generally speaking remain ignorant to what is really going on. In other words, take the recent anti-islamic video that the media is posing as the cause for massive unrest in the Muslim world – but one silly video is not the cause of this! To me this is blatantly obvious although to the casual Fox news watcher they may not question the media narrative. Sorry if I am rambling but I was thinking about making a post about this.




      1. No problem. It wasn’t a rant, but an intelligent outburst. I feel the same way: the why’s hidden in a situation are essential. In any case, thanks for the prompt reply.



      2. Yes precisely! And no problem, as far as response time goes, I check this thing pretty regularly, as you will probably see.

        Looking forward to your next piece!



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