Post-Matrix Aftershock

What IS real?  Asks Morpheus…

Paul wonders, hmm, what is “real?”

Of course, there are dictionary definitions, but what is “it?”  For me, this questions brings countless other questions.  Is real or reality subjective or objective?  Or BOTH?  Or neither?  Real just Is is suppose, but what is that supposed to mean?  I for one, am not satisfied with that definition but perhaps it is not a definition that I am seeking, but rather a more whole understanding and appreciation.  Reality, is more than just physical things upon which electrical signals are generated and respond to one another forming relationships, etc.  Subjective experience is the layer upon the physical world that creates ones personal reality.  There are possibly two realities – that of the physical world, and that of the personal, invisible world – that of the mind, the heart and the Soul.


I will readily admit I do not have a straight answer to this question, and I would be skeptical of anybody who does.  I guess the answer lies somewhere inside of me, so to speak.  And the best thing I can try to do is express that inner-ness, through actions and words, through art perhaps as the most pure form of expression.


In that sense we are all artists, creating constantly.  But to what extent?  Ah, the problem of free will.


So back to the question, what IS real?  Or is all of “this” a illusion?


Who are you, or I, to judge?  Where is the Oracle?  Why should I trust him or her?  Maybe I should trust my Self.  I cannot describe my reality all that well, although I try.  I do not like my reality, or the aggregate of it, so I am actively trying to change that.  However, if reality just is, is change possible?  What is change?!?


What IS real?





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