In regards to the eleventh day of September, 9/11

There is so much to say, so many theories, everyone has their own opinion and I am unsure the best way to begin this post.  But there lies within part of the problem – the truth, the facts, are or should not be debatable.  There should not be confusion over what exactly happened, not even necessarily down to the finest detail, but the very basics or structure of the story vary, it seems, almost person to person.  However, everyone should be able to agree on the truth, no?  And if the truth equates to the official narrative why is there so many problems with the report?  This is not technical, this is just some common sense.  I mean, anyone who argues over the outcome of 2+2 equaling 4 is considered crazy.  Similar in concept is that anyone who strays from the path of the official narrative is considered nuts.  One problem, though – this “official narrative” is wrong!!!

I am not just making this claim out of nowhere, or out of just some hunch, but simply put, the official story is IMPOSSIBLE!  That is right, the official narrative simply cannot have happened as stated.  There are seemingly countless errors.  In fact, unless someone absolutely refuses to take a moment to think for them self, there are some immediate aspects of the story, if not in its entirety, that should come into question.  Granted, the day of the attacks most people were quite confused, shocked, appalled, saddened among other states, to reflect on what was actually happening.  The televisions looped the same clips over and over again on every station of the towers being hit and falling down.  People were in a frenzy as many thought the American nation was under attack.  In fact, there are definitely some comparisons that could be made concerning the display of the events of 9/11 and George Orwell’s War of the Worlds radio broadcast – at least there was a similar effect, only the planes crashing into the towers actually happened.  Even still, America was not under attack from an outside enemy.

That is right, America was not under attack by an unknown enemy, “Al Qaeda” or what have you, but rather, there was an attack of which was a product of synthetic terrorism.  This, my readers, was a homegrown attack, very likely conjured up right there in Washington, D.C.  In other words, not only did certain American’s know this was coming, they planned it!


That is right – this was an INSIDE JOB!

I realize this statement, unless being read by a like-minded individual with previous knowledge of such, can seem impossible, even ludicrous.  However, this is only because the insane amount of propaganda portraying the official narrative as truth.  However, I assure you, although I do not claim to know all of the details, I can say with ABSOLUTE certainty that September 11 was in fact an inside job.

A little aside, I posted on my Facebook page a graphic with text depicting 9/11 was an inside job.  The responses were varied, but someone clearly took offense to it.  But offense to what?  The truth?   I mean, under some light, yes, the truth can seem offensive I suppose in the sense that one could understandably not want to accept it, but that does not disregard the FACT that it is the truth!

I think the not so uncommon denial of truth, not just in regard to 9/11 but in general, is a gigantic problem.  For how can intelligent, fact based opinions be made off of lies?  Or, good opinions anyway?  They simply cannot.

Back to the topic at hand, a great question to ask is, assuming one actually knows the so-called official narrative, can you even possibly believe it?  Think about that, is the story even believable?  If one is to really consider this, questions are inevitable, and hopefully criticisms as well.  Here lies what I think is another enormous issue – people do not seem to think independently anymore.  What ever happened to exercising some healthy skepticism every once in awhile?  I purposefully try to question everything, but maybe that is just me, or more likely, I am a member of a shrinking group of people that still thinks for themselves.  At any rate, I guess people just take television to be the truth, whatever is being presented must be fact, no questions asked.  How?  How did this even come about?  Why is this the case?

This is especially destructive when it comes to 9/11 where the masses seem to just accept the story for what it is, and believe terrorists in the Middle East were solely responsible for the attack thus legitimizing the everlasting war on terror.

I just shake my head and try not to get to mad at all of this.  There is something fundamentally wrong with society – why aren’t the people curious anymore?  The natural state of a human being is one of curiosity – or at least should be.  Children are curious, but then what happens?  We grow up indoctrinated and unlearn concern?

Ugh, I have got to take a break, there is so much to say, but I have got homework to do and this is already one day late.




7 thoughts on “In regards to the eleventh day of September, 9/11”

  1. “No way it could have been an inside job, are you crazy, the third skrscraper just disintegrated in pure solidarity with the twin buildings… ” 😛 😀 :((

    These who orchestrated the attack knew this very well:

    People buy these lies because, as you say, they refuse to think. “Why have a real life…? Nah, It is too much of a trouble…
    Think independently…? Oh no…Why should I, when I can be a gullible and easy manipulated drone…? It is better to be fucked than take the troble to be alive…”

    This is sad today´s nonsensical reality we all share…

    You say. “I purposefully try to question everything, but maybe that is just me, or more likely, I am a member of a shrinking group of people that still thinks for themselves.”

    I kinda feel like that too…

    PS Just watch how they have started next scenario…


  2. The point, where we forget to question everything is school. I´m still in school and it´s horrible. I would love to learn, but the people around me making me hate it.
    For example one of my teachers (math and physics):
    She tells us every once in a while that we should question everything and ask if we don´t get it. But on the other hand, when I ask something (because I´m not good at math) I get the feeling that she don´t want to answer me, because it seems logical to her. But it isn´t fucking logical to me! I hate those double standards.
    Next example:
    A girl in my class. I´ve given it up to talk with her, even if it´s about homework. She believes everything you tell her, when other people believe it too. It´s so exhausting.

    And here´s something I hate too: Everybody is telling me the same: Say your opinion! Be true and honest! It would be great if they would really mean it.
    For example: I have a girl in my class I used to be close freinds with. But since summer (and before) I couldn´t stand her anymore. She´s exhausting. Her friendships are all about her. (And many other things, but I don´t know how to say it, so you can understand me.)
    So I was honest. I said to her face that I don´t want to be friends with her anymore. She was shocked, but she wanted the truth so I told her. Then she made a huge drama out of it. A really huge drama. She believed that after all, it would be like it was before. But this is fucking wrong.
    She tried to incite our friends (we have the same) against me and they ended up meeting without me. They didn´t say a word about it to me. But I was okay with that, really. I don´t like this girl so I don´t feel any need to meet up with her.
    After that it calmed down, we started to talk again. It wasn´t something serious, just piontless and short converstions. But I still didn´t liked her. I thought: Great! I can go to school in peace!
    I was so wrong.
    At the beginning of this month my friends and I planned to meet at the last november weekend to watch “Mockingjay Part 2”. It´s a long weekend because our school gave us free (monday and friday) so we wanted to spend the night by one of my friends. Just like they did at the beginning of the last month (or so). We planned everything, talked every day abput it because we are excited.
    So this girl got very mad at us for not saying a word to her and not inviting her. And I can understand that she´s mad. I would be too. But I can´t understand what she did next. She blamed it all to me. She said that I was the one and only reason she isn´t invited. I got to know that I´m kindergarten (you know, can´t clear things on my own because SHE talked about this to a teacher and a classmate). So I had piontless “conversations to clear things up”.
    It made it worse. Defenitly worse. Now I hate her.
    I can´t get in my head why she´s thinking that her friends can´t meet without her. It´s so dumb, I don´t have any words for it.
    Good news (I don´t mean it serious) I have to talk again to the teacher she contacted about this problem. I WAN´T TO SCREAM! WHY DOES SHE HAVE TO DO THIS? I just want to go to school in peace, busy ignoring that they just try to brainwashing us.

    I´m sorry for this long comment but I had to get it off my chest.
    I´m curious what you think about this.

    By the way, I just discovered your blog this morning and I wan´t to say thank you! You write about interesting topics (like for example the one about mental illness and the wrong medication, or how wrong soiety is) and you are just awesome!

    “We blame society, forgetting we are society.” (I find this one quite interesting.)


    1. Hi Lena,

      Thank you for the kind words. I liked the quote at the end; people tend to forget that in “blaming society” they constitute. Can I ask, are you in high school or college? This sounds like some high school drama getting way out of proportion, at least that is my initial reaction. Good teachers are, sadly, hard to come by these days. There are many reasons for this, and it is a much larger problem then “just the teachers.”

      I hope you can resolve this issue with your teacher, as there is nothing worse than sitting through class after class frustrated and annoyed. Anyway, I am sure you can find a way to get what you can out of it. On another note, I find most of my “true learning” occurs outside of the formal classroom setting. College is also much better than high school, depending on the type of school etc. I would just urge you to find a way to get through your class with the least amount of negativity, keeping in mind that it might just be a situation where the teacher will be the way they are regardless of whether you are right or not – the classic doublestandard. Do what you can, but unfortunately the chances are you might be stuck for now. Again, I don’t know your situation, etc but that is what I can say for now.




  3. I´m from Germany, not from the U.S. so I´m not sure if it would be High School or Middle School. The school I´m going to is called “Gymnasium” in German and I´m in ninth grade if this helps you.
    I´m really grateful for your words and I will try my best to solve this and complete every lesson by this teacher without being to annoyed and angry.
    And your so right! Good teachers are rare. My chemistry teacher is one of those, he´s awesome.


    1. Well, I’m glad you found my words useful. Try you best to appreciate the good teachers and get through all the rest while maintaining your sanity, which is not always easy. I’m sure you will be fine.


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