Freshly poured…a couple hours ago!

Sitting here at Starbucks sipping on room temperature coffee freshly poured hours ago…whoops!

Anyway, I just want to make a quick statement in relation to my Intro to Mass Communication (mass comm) class.  I am not a communications major but rather I am taking this out of choice as my last free elective.  Today we discussed a few things and began watching the film ‘Orwell Rolls Over in His Grave.”  From our discussions and viewing, an important term appeared: “depoliticized.”  What a great way to describe a LOT of Americans.  Politics are simply absent from the consciousness of boat loads of people!  This is so very scary, but masses are just so confused when it comes to the subject, many are even helpless!

How can we claim to be a democracy when there is little left if anything at all democratic about our political system?

Now, I am no political scientist, but from my limited knowledge and viewpoint, I do not see or claim witness to a democracy.  Not even close.  If anything, we are much more of a fascist government or oligarchy.  This is plain and simple, to me anyway, and ought to be to every individual on this planet.

The very nature of a democracy entails a participatory body of citizens, not just a small group of people promoting self interests.

Also, a quote from Hitler’s Mein Kumpf:  “People’s POWER FORGETTING is enormous.”  This cannot be more true.  We need to harness it, now perhaps more than ever.  The alternative is death.  That’s what it comes down to – if not physical death, a death of rights, liberties and freedoms.

The choice is yours!



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