President of the Philosophy Club

YES – that is (now) me!  Not to toot my own horn so to speak, but I am rather excited about this recent advancement!  My philosophy professor named me president while talking with him this past week while going over the upcoming semester and just catching up from the summer.  The club has been inactive for the past few years, and our college just employed another philosophy professor whom I have yet to meet – granted there has only been 2 days of classes thus far for myself.

So I am honored with the position, and the kind words my professor uttered towards me, but I have no idea where to begin!   This is not to say I do not have any ideas, but rather I just do not where or how to start.  I do have leadership experience so I am not worried in that regard, but rather, what would be a good way to introduce the club to the college community?  I want to go all out, so I need to think this over before club recruitment day for sure.  As of now, there is no framework or anything to base off of, just motivated, interested professors and myself – so we are pretty literally starting from scratch.  I am okay with this, I just have never been in a philosophy group or club before so I do not have much of a direct example, but once again this is okay.

I just want to get started, but I think one of my major problems may just be over investing my time when I still have classes to worry about as well.  Plus I will be mentoring two incoming freshman over the course of the semester.  Additionally, I just applied and will, likely, earn a spot on the Barnes and Noble bookseller team!  In short, I am setting myself up for a busy semester.  This is not even to talk about a social life, figuring out what the hell I am doing once I graduate from community college this December, and treating my ongoing depression.

I am not complaining though, for I think I tend to feel better when I am busier as opposed to attempting to fill in free time with random stuff.  And I like school, my classes and my professors so that will not be a negative either.  I know what to expect at this school since I have been here for a couple of years now, so I am not at all nervous.  In short, this ought to be a pretty good semester upon which I will end on a good note, and leave somewhat of an impression on the place.  All I  need to do is focus enough on my classes to earn A’s in order to keep my GPA up, or actually improve it, and enjoy what I can out of the process.

Back to the subject of becoming President of the Philosophy Club, what are some suggestions you might have about what to cover, how tot present it, and so forth and so on – particularly how to introduce the club and attract as many potential members as possible?  Please shoot out ideas, as I will be brainstorming myself over the next week or two, especially until we actually get started as a club.

I am definitely excited about this opportunity and I am confident it will be a success.  That being said, there is a lot of work to be done, and I know my one professor is extremely busy with his classes plus PhD studies and everything else so I, being president, will have a lot to do, a lot of responsibility – which is good, but nonetheless time consuming, etc.

Let me know what you think!



-Paul, President of the Philosophy Club


3 thoughts on “President of the Philosophy Club”

  1. Congrats in attracting that which is like unto yourself. Allow yourself to align with your Perfect Imagined Life 🙂 Idleness is lethal to people like us.
    I participate in a mommy group, co-ed mindfulness group. My guy and I are practicing trust building skills. I imagine a first meeting could use trust building exercises, for some progressive fun. I ask only that the muses continue to participate in my Perfect Imagined Life and in Yours.


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