While sitting in B&N

Back at the Barnes and Noble – just applied actually!  Wish me luck for I really need the job…and the discounts on books!  I could not help but notice just now that there are say twenty something people in this little cafe section, but most are sitting by themselves not talking to anyone, myself included.  This is not abnormal – but I kind of wish it was.  I mean, I always hope I find someone to strike up a dialogue with about anything – but my plan of attack is usually to seek out someone in the philosophy section.  This has yet to prove to be fruitful however, but not that I am going to stop trying.  I just figure the people that frequent a B&N are rather intelligent and thus pretty interesting.  This cannot be a false assumption for take a glance at the books these people are reading!

Anyway, I guess I am trouble, and plagued, by the individualism in American society.  This is not to say the phenomena does not occur elsewhere, but America is all I have ever known so I will stick with that.  Granted, there is definitely an importance to being by alone at times, but when in public I would like to be able to expect to interact and talk with others, even if they are strangers.  Who cares?  How else are you supposed to meet new people if talking to strangers is shunned upon?!?

Maybe this does not bother other people, or at least not as much, but there are surely others out there like me.  After all, one can only read text for so long before tiring out or what have you.  Humans are social animals.  What happened?




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