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So here I am sitting in Starbucks, a coffee consumed and a frap almost done with as well.  Yet nothing is on paper, or I guess on the screen to be more accurate.  So I thought that ought to change.  This is the place where I find myself doing most of my work, and even relaxation.  I like the environment and the coffee is not so bad either.

Today I am going to probably rant on a few things, because I have not been keeping up to date on the news so much so I am rather unsure as what to write about as far as politics or world events goes.  Here it goes:

College.  This semester is my last semester at the local community college I have been attending since the Fall of 2009, right after my high school graduation that prior Spring.  Of course, one clearly sees it has taken me much longer than just two years to complete my degree – which is solely because of what people tend to call “mental health issues” aka my depression.  I would say that my supposed treatment is more problematic than my depression has been in recent years, but I will leave it at that for now.

School resumed this past Wednesday, and I thankfully only have to take three classes in order to complete my Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, in case you were curious.  Now I desperately need to find a job, since I have next to nothing in my bank account – although my father owes me quite a bit of money, so I am not in complete dire straights…yet.

All my professors and classes seem pretty damn good – I know two of the three and the third had good reviews on ratemyprofessor.com while my first experience with her reflected those positive reviews.  My classes are all pretty interesting – Human Biology, Mass Communication, and The Short Story, an English Literature elective.  No philosophy though…

Speaking of philosophy, although I am not enrolled in any classes formally, I was just recently appointed PRESIDENT of the new Philosophy Club!!!!   Yes, I am super psyched about this and expect more to come about this experience as I learn more about it myself.  As of now, all I really know is that I am the president of the club, which has been essentially dead for the past 2-3 years.  I am definitely looking forward to this position, club and ensuing experiences.

Additionally, I am still a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society – although just a regular member this year, as I was one of the Vice Presidents the year before – and have volunteered to mentor two or more incoming freshman students for the duration of the semester.  I am also very much looking forward to this as well.  I feel like I will be a good mentor especially because I am so experienced with what goes on around the college.  That and I am simply older and thus have more life experience than most of the other volunteers which will only help me, help others.

All in all, I think I am setting myself up for a good, enjoyable final semester at Raritan Valley.  Now I just need to figure the rest of my life out!  Ha, all kidding aside, I do have a lot of research and planning I need to do over the next few months to avoid living at home and working for about eight months until I transfer for the Fall 2013 semester at the next college of my choice.  I have no shortage of ideas, but I need to start working out the details and become more practical with my wishes.  In other words, I need to start seriously planning out the foreseeable post-graduation future.  Luckily, I have time, but my time is about to become much more limited as school really kicks off.

Despite all of this, I am not very worried as of now, nor do I plan to have any sort of mental breakdown, but think it would be wise to try to pace myself and do a little bit of work on life planning most if not every day of the week.  That way I will neither be overwhelmed or stuck without plans come December and January.

As always, thanks for reading and feel free to comment.




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