I wonder

At what point is it “too late?”  When do we really just throw in the towel, try to best enjoy our last days and expect the end to come sooner rather than later, or at least to come at all.  This may sound all apocalyptic and I suppose it is, but nonetheless, the more I read about the news, current events, the world, and so on, the more I fear we are in some really deep shit (excuse my French but it seemed rather appropriate).  Sometimes I wonder if I should just cash out my bank account, not that there is much left, and travel someplace nice to “retire” from the idea that I or the world will live forever.  I am not certain about the details, but I sense the world as we know it very well may end this year – not in the sense that the world will explode or something of the like, but more so that the worldwide economy is going to crash and everyone is going to freak out – big time.

When the dollar is divine and the economy is religion, just imagine what will happen when this “faith” crashes?  The result will not be too pretty.  I mean I am no economist, but does one have to be?  Common sense alone tells me, as far as the “economy” is concerned, we are pretty much fucked!  There it is, in plain English, real talk, what is going on.  We are on the verge of total economic collapse, people!  And yes, you can quote me on that one.

Maybe I am just nuts, crazy, loco, whatever, but I follow the real news, the independent media, etc. and all signs point to hell freezing over.  We, as in everybody, just has so many god damn problems!  Things would be bad enough if just the unemployment rate was high, or the dollar was going down in value, or what have you, but combine the economic problems with the ecological issues, the health problems and everything else and you have got yourself a hell of a lot of problems!  We need to start to think and enact solutions.  Or else…

But in the mean time, I guess the economy will tank, mass civil unrest will occur and who knows what will follow that.

More to come, be sure about that,



3 thoughts on “I wonder”

  1. You are neither crazy or whatever…In fact I perceive things in quite a similar manner as you do. I am in Rome just now, I would like to comment this more …I will do this on my arrival in Stockholm.


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