*(Important) Rant Warning*

Perhaps Immortal Technique bumping in my headphones is partially to blame, but I am angry.  Angry at a lot of things.  I cannot truly feel my anger, my distaste for, the current state of affairs of not only my personal life, but at the world at large.  And no, I am not just “being negative” nor am I much of a pessimist, but I am a realist – whatever that means? – as in I looking at things realistically.  The facts are not debatable – the truth or Truth just IS!  Maybe people think otherwise or like to believe that the jury is still out or even “it is what it is,” but HELLO! this world is a hot mess!  People dying or worse murdered, raped, killed, tortured, and so on daily while many others complain about having to decide what $6 frap to order at Starbucks!  Am I the only one to see something wrong with this picture?  I mean, the calories in a venti frap could save someone’s life.

Besides, feeding the world is not an impossibility!  The supposed “lack” of food is a POLITICAL issue, not one due to scarcity as capitalism or politicians tend to assign as the reason for such a situation.

Corporations – do not even get me started on them.  Yes I am an American by birth, but I am not proud to be one, if anything I should be ashamed to be associated in any way, shape or form with the atrocious leadership and government aka the System this country is run by.  Not that every little thing is horrendous, but in the bigger picture there is a lot more wrong than right in this nation, or empire depending on how you look at it.

But why?  It seems to me that the core of the problem is that people have forgotten about people in lieu of profits.  That to me is capitalism in a nutshell – profits over people!  Capitalism is the death of America, perhaps the modern world, or at least will be the death to the world as we know it.  Now, I do not hate on capitalism or business practices just for the sake of hating on such things.  The notion of profits at any expense, which most if not all of the large corporations practice whether intending to do so or not, is ruining and even killing lives.

And then, at the end of the day, one cannot tell me some one is any better than any one else simply because they have earned more money – this is laughable in a sad sort of sense in my mind!  Who gives a damn?  You realize caring about privatized wealth is a direct consequence of the propaganda the Rulers surround the people with.

But why do you buy it – literally and figuratively?  I realize that one is surrounded by advertising constantly, but still that does not mean one has to subscribe to it.  This is like mob mentality really – but don’t drink the kool-aid!  Whatever you do, please, do NOT drink the kool-aid!

Then people, myself included, wonder why they are miserable.  Except in my case, unlike that of many others I would say, is not because of the false hope of finding meaning in money, but rather, because others believe in such a religion.  I feel alone.  And honestly, I am quite alone.  I am unsatisfied – which is not necessarily a bad thing – but is not good either.  I just do not know.  There is so much more to life than buying stupid, useless SHIT!!!  Please excuse my French, but this stuff gets to me – as it should I suppose.  I do not cry myself to sleep every night because of this, but I cannot accept this fate for people around me, when there is so much more to life.  And not that I am some sort of “life expert” but I do know a lot of people’s priorities are misguided to put it quite nicely.

Let us get real here, just imagine how much greater everyday life would be if people were just real with each other and to themselves!  Ah, what a superb society that would be.  Imagine putting life above all!  Animal life, plant life, human life, and all other life and life forms – plus the environment in general which is necessary for all life.  Go back to basics, I say, and re-prioritize from there!  I mean it is really not all that hard, though not easy either, but make it simple.  Let us as a society, as a people, relearn to take care of ourselves and each other, putting capitalism and profits aside for awhile, or forever!  This is not to say cease all business practices per say, but rather devise a system that actually works and is probably beneficial instead of one which causes headaches and stress.  How could anyone debate such a system?

This is getting to the question of equality, or really inequality.  For the system in place to work, inequality must exist.  Or perceived inequality that is.  There must be classes of people, some greater than others, and at one end of the spectrum is the Ruling Class while the other end is the extremely poor.  But why?  This, I firmly believe, does NOT have to be the case!  We do not need this binary composition.  End the idea of otherness. Stop focusing on the differences and instead on the similarities – what we all have in common.  This would be and shall be such a beautiful thing.  This is how it is “supposed to be” in my mind anyways.  We ought to all live in harmony, to complement one another, and to help each other not only just survive, but thrive through this existence called life!

Think about it!



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