Aurora, Colorado Batman Shooting

I do not claim to know everything about this recent shooting, by any means, however there is an extremely important point that must be made.  This was unmistakably staged – this was not any sort of unplanned anomaly of an event.  The “official narrative” has many faults and simply does not make very much sense.  One of the biggest oddities is that he peacefully turned himself into the police.  Why would this happen, why would a “crazed” shooter simply turn himself into the police?  Then afterwards tell authorities about his bomb ridden apartment?  This makes no sense whatsoever.  For these reasons and more, this was obviously a staged shooting, pre-planned, and more than likely involving at least one governmental agency – probably the CIA.  Now the motive for all this is still unclear – but perhaps there is more than just a coincidence that the UN small arms treaty is being conducted.  Also, I would not at all be surprised if this was not the first of many attacks.  Domestic terrorism is what I would call it, and so yes, our United States government, is guilty.  There are two other recent shootings that I am much less familiar with – occurring in Alabama and Fort Bragg.  I would not be surprised if there was some sort of connection here, but I simply do not know enough to make any sort of semi-informed opinion.  All I can say is that the Colorado shooting was staged by the government for some sort of purpose – that of which I am not entirely certain at the moment, but will likely become more clear as time goes on.  I would be curious as to what your thoughts are on the matter so please feel free to comment below.  And also, please do not just take my word for it, research yourself!  For starters, try a simple google search for MK-ULTRA.  Although MK-ULTRA and the later MK-SEARCH are not currently in operation under those names and have not been for quite some time, there are surely CIA operations with similar premises conducting business so to speak.  One must also take into account the presidential elections coming up, plus the wars going on around the globe, all of which have to do with “terrorism” and certainly gun use and government involvement.  So be prepared for other Batman, Dark Knight Rising type shootings to occur in the near future, as much as I surely hope they do not.  Just be aware that there is definitely a message being sent and undoubtedly a desired effect – on a mass scale, i.e. the American public.  So be wary, keep your eyes and ears open, and please be safe.

More to come soon,



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