Total economic collapse?

I cannot help but wonder what all these financial scandals will really mean for the upcoming months and even years.  What are going to  be the results of this enormous “mistakes?”  None of these things happened by accident, nevertheless, they still happened.  I am learning a lot about the U.S. economic system and that of the worldwide economy as well, but the keyword is learning.  I am no expert, nor do I claim to be.  I am simply trying to wade through the facts and figures, as well as more trustworthy opinions, in attempt to figure out what this means or will mean to me, my family and friends, as well as the country I live in and all worldly inhabitants as well. Yes, if you cannot tell, I care about everybody, perhaps a theme will become increasingly obvious in my writings.  But anyway, rather than attempting to predict the future, I want to, or rather, need to know what this LIBOR fiasco means for everybody, the masses or non-elites specifically.

– If anyone can shed some light on any of this I would appreciate it! –

Back to the story though, I am a student now so what will this mean for college tuition prices for instance?

On another note, apparently there is a little talked about but MASSIVE DROUGHT occurring here in the United States – so this quite certainly means food prices will go up very soon.  As if people are not already in the dire straights financially, what will happen when a growing populous will be unable to afford sufficient amounts of food?  Gas is also going up, at least in my recent experience so that clearly does not help the situation.

The more I read up on the recent events in the world, I cannot help but think revolution may just begin right here in the United States. Violence will probably ensue if and when people are unable to afford food – for that is a bare necessity and being denied such an entity is unjustifiable in my book.

Riots in the streets, much larger then the recent Occupy Movement, seem to everyday become more probable as the general economic situation just seems to get worse and worse.  This is all not even to mention the upcoming election but I cannot even talk about that right now.

I just wonder at what point will a significant minority or population in the United States fall over the edge of pacifism or at least inaction, and attempt to take matters into their own hands.

I think a modern day “Dark Age” might just ensue.  I mean, at some point people have to face the music and this will not be a comfortable, happy time.  The current overall system is STILL FAILING as it has been for the past hundreds of years.  As to whether or how much worse things are now versus “then” I am unable to really say.  I just recognize that when bare necessities are taken away, for one reason or another, people are going to be forced to take some sort of action.

I am really curious as to see how the elites are going to attempt to quell or keep the masses at bay.  The middle class is falling into the realms of the “lower class.”

In short, perhaps the United States is going to join the worldwide revolution in demanding change for EVERYBODY, not just a select group of “elites.”

Peace, freedom and happiness for all is my vision!

(Downpressor man just came on via Pandora, how appropriate!)

Peace, love and light,



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