Obama’s Birth Certificate

Are there not bigger, much more pressing ‘things’ to worry about besides the validity of a piece of paper?!?

Human lives for instance?

Call me crazy but this is a very petty matter compared to the murders of many of innocents people for one, or even such things as health with hunger crisis at home and abroad, and the list goes on. 

Is this intended to a be a distraction from the much more important issues we face on a domestic and global scale?  Think about that one for a moment, I think so.  If anything this is a very minor problem in the greater scheme of things.  I mean, I could write a series of volumes on the problems we face in the world today but I am going to opt out of doing so…for now.

But rather, this issue is being blown up while other much more crucial problems are left at the wayside.  I mean, even if Obama’s certificate is proven not to be valid, he is still the president for the time being and his policies will not simply disappear overnight.

All I am really saying is that one should not get too caught up in this, and focus on other more relevant issues.  This could be a minor bump in the road, but nothing more.  I for one think people dying is much more of a pressing problem that ought to demand immediate attention versus the validity of a piece of paper.



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