Why is apathy so prevalent?

I just do not understand the degree to which people go about their days without thought or questioning anything but merely accepting what is in front of them, and probably complaining about it, wishing things were different but then not exercising any good thought or action to solve the issue.

This disease is everywhere, granted to varying degrees.  I understand everyone becomes apathetic at one point in time or another about certain things, but there seems to be a generalized apathetic disorder going around.  What will it take for people to start caring again?

I am disgruntled by my fellow peers and other people I meet that just do not talk about anything meaningful.  As my blog name states, I am a seeker of truth (and Truth) so I do not care a whole lot about petty gossip and the like.  I would much rather discuss real issues, questions of life and living, questions that might make be a better human being.  Sadly, there are only a select number of people I can even attempt to do this with.

It seems to me that, generally speaking, people need to re-prioritize what is actually important in their lives first in order to start caring about issues that matter, not just to them, but to humanity and the planet at large.

But how?  How can I or anyone else go about waking people up?  I tend to think waking up is largely up to the individual, but surely one can push them along, or “show them the light” so to speak.  The real question, the bigger question is how does one wake up a nation, or more importantly, the world?  I wish I could punch apathy in the face, but it is not that easy, nor am I really one to be violent.

All and any thoughts are welcome!



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