Tangent #1 – end of ze world?

Milton Friedman – I have just recently, within the last year or two, found out this man’s name.  Of course in school, his name is not brought up, or at least not throughout high school, in college perhaps if you are studying economics or depending on the history courses one might take I suppose.  Sort of peculiar don’t you think?  I mean, he is the author of one of the principal books on capitalism and thus ushering in the age of globalization that is so very among us all now.

I realize I cannot possibly boil down destructive capitalism, globalization or certainly not the state of the entire world to one single person.  I can however assert that Friedman and his proclamations about capitalism undoubtedly served as a catalyst or springboard or even Bible for the modern day elite.  His ideas spoke wonderfully to those in control, as he openly talks about working for the best interests of those in charge, the elites or whatever else you may want to term them.

The idea that somehow money, or capital, has more value than people, or humanity is, if we are being honest, the underlying motto most every individual lives by today.  Atrocious?  Absurd?  Downright wrong?  Yes, yes and, um, yes!  Yet, why do people allow this thought pattern determine their lives?  Better yet, how do we change the system?  For the better?

There are so many doors that could be opened here, but I will try to keep things relatively short (it is after 1am after all).  The elites have enslaved the masses to a basically piece of paper called the dollar.  Just think about how much time and energy you devote each and every day for that damn thing.  I mean, this notion of wealth, particularly privatized wealth, is ripping America, and even the world, apart at the seams!  How do people fail to see this?  Honestly, the world is so sick and I am afraid any potential doctors either never get heard, or succumb to the system in time.  Who will save us?  Or are we all ultimately doomed?  And I ask these questions very seriously as this is no joking matter.

Let’s face it – the world is sick!  Very, very sick and I am just wondering if the stage it is at now might be terminal.  I confess, I still do hold some hope, but hope alone does not actually change anything.  There is just so much so very wrong that I am unsure of where or how to even begin this quest – for I know personally I will not die anywhere near satisfied unless I have made some strong contributions to this world for positive change.  But hey, that may just be me.

At any rate, tackling the system is a rather daunting task (HELP!).  In fact, merely hinting at disrupting the system has gotten people killed.  That is a fact, with several examples.  But, nothing can stop me from trying to do what I can.  First step, which I think I never had to take since I was always a pretty conscientious kid growing up, but that is getting educated – with the truth.  That last clause is entirely important.  Perhaps because of that I must take my previous statement back and say I may have always held this notion that something is quite fundamentally wrong with the world, yet I did not discover what exactly until much more recently.  However, now I see the world in a very different light – and rightfully so.

Americans are not free.  Presidents are not the most powerful people in the world.  The real power is held by a very minute sector of families – bankers, and so forth.  Yet this tiny little percentage controls, rules and presides over, literally nowadays, everybody else.  Now this seems to be more apparent than ever – with globalization and especially the internet.

But what I really wonder though is why?  What is the point of being so powerful?  What is the goal – the true interest – of this group of elitists?  That is what I am awfully curious about because there must be something or a belief even that gives meaning to all of this, for them anyway.  For then, what would all the commotion be about if there was no purpose?  Or is the world order the way it is just so the elitists can control everyone and everything else and be content with that?  I for one do not take pleasure in enslaving another being.

How do the elites justify the world order?

I may never know the real answers, but that does not stop me from asking the questions.


Feel free to share your ideas!



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