Department of Homeland Security Visits My Local Community College

(So let me preface this by saying I do NOT know much, no more then what I am about to write on the matter.)


The titles sort of speaks for itself, but I can elaborate a bit further.  My first summer class started today, whereupon the professor asked the class if anyone knew that the United States Department of Homeland Security made at least one “visit” to our New Jersey campus.  You may have to read that last sentence twice, because it is quite odd; this sort of thing just doesn’t happen for “no reason.”  My professor went on to say that there was an e-mail sent out to all faculty and possibly staff too that the Department of Homeland Security were in fact on campus a few days just a couple of weeks ago.  Strange!   He also mentioned there might be a correlation between their presence and the fact that there have been a sharp increase in helicopters – military and otherwise – hovering around central New Jersey.  Regardless, why would this agency be at all concerned with our little community college?  Equally concerning is the fact that there really are more aircraft hovering around.  I have read and heard a lot about these drones being used domestically, and I for one do not like the sound of that.  I am not aware of a military base nearby either, so there is no excuse for training or something to occur in our area.  This all seems quite suspect to me, and I hope to learn more about the matter.  There was another faculty member in the classroom at the time who confirmed all this information as she received the email as well.  But why would this governmental agency be snooping around my school?  Something just does not seem right about all this, and I doubt much more information will be made available.  Perhaps I could email my school president out of concern and inquire about the matter.  I do not know how much more information she would let out, or if she even really knows anything more, but someone must know the answer and I would like to find such an individual.




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