This (Killer) Essay

I am currently a college student and I have been really struggling with this final assignment for last semester that I still need to turn in. I have a lot of pressure because it is worth a huge chunk of my grade and so far I am not doing so great in this class.  And yes, the semester is complete so this is long overdue but the professor is willing to submit a change of grade documentation to fix my grade which is currently a big fat F (largely because I am missing the most important assignment of the semester).  So why am I telling the internet this when my parents do not even know the whole story?  Because I am hoping that by submitting my predicament to the world wide web, I will get some angst off of my chest or alleviate some of the things that are preventing me from finishing this darn paper.  I have enough written quantity wise, I just need to fill in a couple of quotes and I will have a decent paper.  WHY is this taking so long, proving to be so difficult, and why most of all am I seemingly unable to simply finish up and turn it in?  I am thinking a lot of it has to do with fear of actually failing the course – especially since I am due to graduate this fall and have a good GPA of which a F would dissolve.

So fellow bloggers, students, writers and anyone else that may read this, if you have any words of wisdom, advice, suggestions, et cetera – PLEASE  drop a line!



P.S.  I am sitting in Starbucks at the moment across from my college trying once again to get this thing done – and I could use all the help I could get so really, any inspiration or motivation is GREATLY APPRECIATED!  (Especially since it is technically summer for me anyway so I have more or less lost my school mode mentality which surely is not helping anything at this point.)


One thought on “This (Killer) Essay”

  1. find your quotes, put them in -proof it – turn it in. Bite the bullet on this one. You have nothing but an improvement to the F that is the current grade. The longer a professor waits after agreeing to submit a change of grade form- the more stellar the paper needs be, and the less patience with your procrastination.


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