1:30 AM

As you can see its 1:30 in the morning and I am not tired and have yet to even attempt sleeping tonight – so why not write some more?  I am considering making a biography page since I think my “About Me” is lacking but on the same not I do not like writing or even talking a lot about myself.  If there is a desire or need to elaborate on me and my existence I will gladly do so but I think I will hold off for now.  Plus there is a “Questions” page that’s open for business so if there’s something specific that is on your mind, go ahead and ask me there – or comment a post if it is relevant of course.

So what am I thinking about tonight?  Well, I am enjoying this so-called blogosphere as a fellow blogger recently wrote.  I like meeting new people, hearing varying opinions and reasoning, and just trying something new.  Writing for the public is new for me, and so far I like the concept.

Moving on, I am curious as to how to best network my site with others.  I must exercise some patience I realize, and I truly look forward to reading and writing via blogging for the foreseeable future.

At this point, I am unsure of what to write exactly, do I focus on something specific or write about life/stuff in general?  There is so much to ponder, and I love it all but I am finding picking and choosing words to form sentences coherently about just one thing a tad daunting right now.  However let me pick something, okay, yes – philosophy or my experience so far in regards to thinking about everything and then some.

I love what my first, one and only thus far, philosophy professor has said to me frequently which is that “we are ALL philosophers.”  I remember reading this as well so by no means am I claiming Hepp (Adeo) is the founder of such a phrase but it has nonetheless stuck – and for good reason.  I agree, for a philosopher is one who thinks about life – put simply; a ‘lover of wisdom.’  I do not know too many people, if any, that are honestly not lovers of wisdom thus everyone is a philosopher.  Perhaps that is not the best logic, but I can rest assured every human has thought or contemplated his or her life somewhere along the way.  Philosophy to me is special, of supreme significance and undeniably indispensable.  Yes, I will confess, I LOVE philosophy.  I love thinking.  I love thinking about life – it makes sense now doesn’t it?

But what is life, anyway?  Hmmm, in short – I am not quite sure.  I am skeptical of anyone who claims to know.  I do not believe in a god in the common sense and if I had to pick some sort of religious stance I would opt for Agnosticism aka the big question mark (religion=?).  So that means there is no real easy or predetermined answer for the fundamental questions of life.  But I do love existentialism and I feel not believing in a strict religion makes considering my existence much more fun and even exciting.  I do believe there is purpose and meaning in life.  I do not believe in an afterlife such as heaven or hell.  All I know is that there is one chance us Beings get at this wild thing called life.  “This is NOT a dress rehearsal,” (Hepp).  I think life is kind of absurd like Camus would say.  I do not mean this in a negative sense, but rather I do not think we live in an orderly universe totally explainable by laws of science.  Maybe I am wrong, but until I am proven wrong, I envision myself holding onto this belief.

So what is life, again?  Life to me is sort of what you make of it.  I mean, I am unsure if life can really sufficiently be defined in a dictionary type definition but I thing life is expressed through thoughts and actions, manifested in such things as art and music as well as writing and speaking or just movement – dance or otherwise.  Life is alive and living – therefore I think its hard to categorize, label and define – life cannot be truly boiled down to a sentence or two or three.  Life is living.  In a sense, we sort of make our own definitions as we go along, as we make decisions and discover new things.  I am greatly interested in the nature of reality and consciousness.

So…life is what you make it I suppose, although that is rather elementary, but it works, for now.

So then how do I decide what I should or ought to be doing?  Hmmm, what a wonderful question.  Again, without a god to worry about, I have total freedom to choose what it is I do.  I am not a big believer in pure pleasure-seeking however I do not see anything wrong with pleasing oneself – as long as this is down responsibly and respectfully towards oneself and others.  I am a huge fan of Doctor Viktor Frankl and his incredible book “Man’s Search for Meaning.”  With that being said, I think whatever gives one the most pure and positive form of meaning is what that person should do.  In other words, do what you want!  Just remember that clause about being responsible and respectful to you and everyone else.  Once again, you only get one shot at this life so make the most of it and do what you want, whatever that may be as long as it does not hurt you or anyone else.  FOLLOW YOUR HEART and LISTEN TO YOUR CONSCIOUS!  They will serve you well, but do not forget reason either.  “Do not always hold your head higher than your heart,” (Jack Johnson).

Thank YOU for READING!




2 thoughts on “1:30 AM”

  1. Dear Brother P, I am with you. You are making yourself happen as you search for meaning. My only suggestion is that you’ve been through a lot to get where you are, so why not start by getting acquainted with yourself? I would say the world is inside you, not external to yourself. I believe we make ourselves happen in light of all that has gone on in our lives to make us who we are. We can’t know what’s ahead, so why no go over the influences that have made us who we are? The people, places, events, news, joys and frustrations. It’s all yours, and it’s in you already. Face into it and see what you find. That’s my suggestion. Not very exciting, perhaps, but my guess is you’ll learn more than you can imagine. Hang in there and keep blogging. –Steve from Planet Earth


    1. Thank you Steve – I am curious to exploring the depths of my Self, but I must say I do not have much experience doing so. I wonder what you think I should do, or read for instance, that might help me along my journey of discovering my Self. I am inclined to totally agree with your words, and I hope to learn how to explore inward versus trying to depend on the external for pleasure or meaning, et cetera.

      Thank you for your time,



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