Hello world! And Welcome!

Welcome to my very first blog, take two – in other words I made a previous blog but never really used it so here goes round two of attempting to create and maintain a blog.  But moving on, I will briefly lay out some of what to expect from my future posts, a little bit about me and my vision for the future, at least in regards to this project.

So here is what I will say now “about me:”

I am a college student living in the United States.  I do not really know what people expect to be listed here, but I do not feel giving out much more info at the moment is necessary, however, do not hesitate to add a comment to ask me a question or two.  My email will also be made available for contact purposes.

What will I be posting about?  Well, probably a lot of things, as I do a lot of thinking and one of the main reasons I decided to create a blog is to publish some of my thoughts and ideas for other people to see.  I have kept journals before and I liked doing so, but I am also curious as to what OTHER people think about what I think.  I like to think and I like to talk to other people that do so as well.  I am pretty open minded and I like hearing all sorts of opinions even if I do not necessarily agree with them (as long as they are thoughtful and at least somewhat intelligent).  I like philosophy – a lot!  I am getting more and more interested in politics, current events as well as modern and ancient history plus psychology, health/medicine, spirituality; but I am also a fan of music and would like to be more cultured with the various arts although I do not think I will ever be a huge fan of plays and musicals (sorry!).

Back to answering my own question – I will be posting (for the most part) about modern history, current events/politics and philosophy but I am not going to limit my writing to just those three, I simply feel like those subjects will be my main focus for the foreseeable future.

Where am I going with all this?  Well, I would like to have an audience, hopefully an expanding one, that will comment and give me feedback – including the constructive kind as I will truly appreciate it especially since this is my first time writing for the public.  I would like my blog to be a place where people can visit and find something of interest to spark a discussion and so forth and so on.  That is really my goal – to provide an arena for intelligent discussion!  I think that would be way cool, and I hope some others feel the same way, too.

I will keep this kind of short so as to leave room for questions that will hopefully be figured out by reading what I post and possibly starting a dialogue.





16 thoughts on “Hello world! And Welcome!”

  1. Good first posting–free of errors and clear thought.
    I’ve been blogging for almost a year. Feel free to check out my site and blog. If it’s not for you, that’s okay. Please give a star rating (helps me see what people want to talk about) on my postings. I tried to do the same for you but it wouldn’t let me.
    I hope you find most people to be respectful. If they’re not, you can block them.
    Wishing you the best.


    1. Thank you for the kind words! I am still learning how to best set up my blog and any words are welcome as far as advice goes. I am looking for you blog right now.

      Stay in touch,



  2. Welcome to the word-weird-web of thought. Thanks for stopping by, looking forward to your questions :-). Feel free to ask for assistance in painting your pages with the colors of your thoughts…..no claim to expertise but all my skills are only an email away.



    1. Thank you, I appreciate it. I must say although I have yet to explore your pages thoroughly, I definitely like what I see so far, I am sure we will be in touch!



  3. You really have something to say, and are definitely worth following. This ‘about you’ post really should be moved to the ‘About’ PAGE because it’s hard to find as a blog post. It’s really good to know who you are. Please move it so others can get to know you easily. You’re worth knowing.
    Thanks for some good reads. I look forward to more. Yaz


      1. Go to the About page on your dashboard. Post the info about yourself there (cut and paste from your first blog page ‘Hello World’). The About Page is a static page, it’s not a blog page, so it comes up in the headers.. There’s plenty of help in the way of videos from wordpress. If I’m not clear, tell me, and I’ll try to explain better. Good luck! Yaz


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